HIRAYA Filipino Bean-To-Bar Chocolates

Craving for chocolates?  Try Hiraya!

Hiraya Filipino Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Company is an advocate of sustainable and socially-conscious practices. They make chocolate bars and other chocolate products out of high quality cacao beans sourced directly from local Filipino farmers.

Hiraya got their name from "Hiraya Manawari." Hiraya means “the fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”, quite a fitting name for a company bringing joy to people, from the supplier of its raw materials to the consumers who love their chocolates. 

What makes Hiraya different from the other chocolate bars in the market? 

It's the only chocolate with a heart!  :)

Their mission is to improve the lives of our cacao farmer communities through direct and fair trade.  To date, they have one (1) community composed of 58 farmers in Brgy. Malabog, Davao City Social Entrepreneurship. Hiraya’s efforts have since provided +200% increase in income for the said community.

Hiraya produces a strong brand of fine quality chocolate and chocolate products, catering to the Pinoy taste buds, at the same time, supporting our economy while enriching the lives of our local farmer.

That's the heart in every bar of Hiraya chocolates! Try it now!

Hiraya products to choose from:

72% Dark Chocolate Single-Origin Davao (85g). Fruity with a slight hint of bitterness. No preservatives, no additives, no artificial flavors, suitable for vegans. Made from Trinitario beans that are sourced directly from cacao farmers in Malabog Davao. Naturally grown in the scenic highlands, this chocolate is characteristically fruity with just a slight hint of bitterness. Php 180.00

Hiraya x Kalsada Chocolate Bar with Coffee Nibs (70g). Strong and Robust coffee notes. Featuring premium coffee beans sourced from the highlands of Sitio Belis, Benguet Province. Collaboration with Kalsada Coffee—a social enterprise based in Manila and Seattle that promotes specialty coffee from the Philippines Php 200.00

For more information, visit their website http://www.hirayachocolates.com/ or follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/HirayaChocolates/. You may also email them at 

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