Our new Home-keeping Buddy in a Mobile App... WanderHand!

Do you often find yourself helpless in the house with a leaking sink or non-functioning electrical outlet, or a defective aircon in the middle of the humid atmosphere feel of summer? Have you experienced the day where upon looking on your surroundings, with the pile of laundry and tons of things to fix in the house, you wish you have a magic spell to clean up everything in an instant?

You don’t need a magical spellyou actually need WanderHand!

I bet you haven’t heard of Wanderhand yet? Probably so, because WanderHand is so new in the market, barely a month old from its initial launch. The newest consumer app to join the mobile bandwagon, is set to bring us, consumers, the convenience of doing things fast and easy.

Watch this VIDEO to get to know them more  :)

WanderHand is a location based mobile application that can provide competent and skilled service providers for your plumbing, electrical, aircon, laundry and housekeeping needs at a very competitive and reasonable service costs, not far from the ordinary rate we used to pay for same services before WanderHand.

WanderHand Services
Gone were the days that you need to grab the yellow pages to look for such services. So hard to find them there actually. You can find them much easier if you will go out from your house and check out walls and Meralco post.  It has been a long time practice that this has served as the advertisement and marketing area for these people.

But.... It’s a different story now.  Access to services has become a one-click trend!

The "WanderHand" App
Now it’s easier and faster, with WanderHand. Just a tap on your mobile phone, you can get and schedule their services. As their shoutout implies, it’s One-Click-To-Fix! It’s a Tap – Choose – Confirm protocol just like Uber, Grab, Lazada and other online services in the market. I am quite sure that you are all familiar on how they operate.  :)

Just this Friday (Feb. 16), I was able to witnessed their Soft Launch at Rhapsody Condominium. I met the "Wander Guys" behind this useful app headed by WanderHand Inc’s President, Mr. Danny Nicdao. 

They are really so passionate and committed to better their craft and business, not only for them but for the consumers as well. Not only they brought convenience to us customers, but they make a difference in the lives of the individual service providers they are accrediting, by giving them decent jobs.  They provide them an avenue to be seen by more customers and make their skills count.

Mr. Danny Nicdao, WanderHand Inc's President
@ Rhapsody Condominium, Feb. 16, 2018
During the launch, Sir Eugene, one of the man behind the app, walk us through on how to use WanderHand.  It is available for download both for IOS and Android phones. At the Google Play Store or Apple Store, just search for WanderHand, and download the green  "W" logo, not the orange one with "SP"... this is the app interface for the service providers. Once on your phone, you are just a click away to booking your first task helper hunt. The interface is so friendly and fool-proof. If you are on Facebook, (and who has no FB account yet)…. You can definitely use this app without any hassle at all. 

The WanderHand app "walk-through" 
And by the way, a chat room is embedded in the app so as you and Wanderhand Inc can communicate closely from your booking up to work completion.

Some of their service providers were also present at the launch and I was able to interview them. They told me that they had undergone a very strict screening process before they got their accreditation. 

Wanderhand Inc. makes true to their promise that they will impose the highest standards of screening service providers based on  behavior, attitude, expertise and experience. Service Providers were also given the proper customer service orientation to ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. 

Aspiring individual skilled workers may apply directly to WanderHand Inc or sign up at http://bit.do/WanderhandAccreditationForm. I suggest you follow them on Facebook to catch up on their latest updates, announcements and promotions.

WanderHand is Servicing the South for now, Las Pinas, Paranaque, Muntinlupa and Taguig, but very soon,  they will be available on other parts of the Metro.

It's about time to relax a bit busy moms and dads... Make WanderHand your homekeeping partner now!  

The men and women behind WanderHand, Inc. 

Congratulations WanderHand Inc. Team... You are such a BIG help!  
Keep spreading..... !!! 

About WanderHand Inc.,

WanderHand Inc. is the newest company to join the mobile app services provider. Their mission is to provide high quality service in the most immediate and expedient manner, easily accessible by just one click of a finger. They aim to provide job opportunities and income to ordinary skilled individuals who do not have a stable job market by themselves. 

You may contact WanderHand Inc through the following:
     By phone: 541-4798 / 0916-2583328
     By FB chat: @WanderhandInc
     By email: info@wanderhand.ph

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