Blockchain, the next Digital Disruptor!

Big Thanks to Computrade Technologies Philippines, Inc for the invite for this very informative Summit focusing on BlockChain, tagged as the next digital revolution in every industry.  I’m always interested to hear new developments in technology, additional information is always  welcome on IT minds. J So I attended!

What is BlockChain in the first place?  Blockchain represents a critical intersection between the financial world, social networking, and powerful decentralized networks.  Blockchain is set to disrupt all industries, not just the financial services group. Blockchain as a shared, distributed ledger could facilitate the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network in an economical, efficient, and less vulnerable way.

Blockchain application is not only limited for financial transactions. It can go beyond to Smart Contracts, CrowdFunding, Governance, Supply Chain Auditing, File Storage, Prediction Markets, Internet of Things (IoT) and many more…

If you are interested to know more about this technology, drop by at this link: What is Blockchain Technology: A Step byStep Guide for Beginners.

The event sponsors were Nutanix, DarkTrace, FireEye, Varonis, F5, MapR, SaS, Flowmon, Menlo Security and Hitachi. They are IT vendors offering solutions on Network Security, Storage and Analytics.

Attendees learned not only about Blockchain, but they get to learn insights from the above-mentioned IT vendors on solutions that they need to keep their infrastructure safe and healthy and at the same time, reduce cost and increase efficiency.

Mr. Teddy Sumulong, CTP Managing Director, event facilitator   
Mr. Dennis Reyes, Dept of Finance
Break-out sessions happened after lunch, Track 1 focused on Security, Track 2 on Scale and Track 3 on Solutions. Mr. Robert Paguia from the National Privacy Commission (NPC) also discussed  the “Data Privacy Act of 2012.”

I am looking forward in attending your next year’s Technology Summit CTI. Congratulations to this very successful event! Cheers and more power!

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