Everything is moving online. From ordering food, shopping, hotel bookings, to getting a cab and other services, they are all available, at the click of your fingertips. No doubt, these makes our lives easier. 

We already have many players in the market for the above-mentioned platform and services. Here's a new one, but this time, catering to the corporate community, XLOG.

XLOG offers services for all your end to end logistics-related needs, SHIPPING, TRUCKING, WAREHOUSING and CUSTOM BROKERS.

Xlog is an online tool created and designed by a shipper for the shippers. It is bound to revolutionize the shipping and logistics industry.

pool of service providers specializing on each of the 4 areas is made available for the client to choose from. 

"Being in the Shipping and Logistics industry for 24 years now, I've seen all the problems encountered by both shippers and service providers, which served as our inspiration, " says XLOG Founder and CEO, Jun Ynion.

Mr. Jun Ynion
XLOG aims to become a catalyst of business success by making logistics work for you, not against you. It is designed to take away all the challenges of logistics, giving businesses one less thing to worry about.

"We created XLOG with the goal of bringing Shipping and Logistics into the digital age by creating an online marketplace for both companies that offer and for companies that require such services. By consolidating all these services on one single platform, it will allow for a simplified process, better tracking and security, and ease of transaction documentation. This is the next step for the shipping and logistics industry," Mr. Ynion added.

The solution was launched only this year so they need to pool service providers to their ship. They are now open for accreditation. If you own at least two trucks, you can be their partner in the trucking solutions. If you have an unused lot, or covered garage style space, you can apply for accreditation as one of the solutions providers for warehousing. Customs Brokers are all invited to join in and be the first in the roster.

Joey Ynion, demonstrating how the solution works
This new online tool will definitely make things simpler for both the provider and the client. There is transparency in all the transactions and movement is monitored real-time via the web based app. Moving goods is tracked via GPS. Not only will it let shippers know when goods have gone from point A and arrived at point B, but XLog has the capability to show the exact location of the goods in real time. There’s a big savings in time, effort and resources. It’s paperless.

By the way, mobile apps work for both ANdroid and IOS.

The XLog Team, Shiptek Solutions Corporation PH,  with Union Bank President, Mr. Edwin Bautista 

This is the future of shipping and logistics. This is XLOG.

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