"Tita" by Empire East

The video that I watched from Empire East brought me to my laptop to write something. I am touched!  It brought me back to memories from way way back. The video was so realistic and I’m sure most of the  “Juanas” of the Philippines can relate to it. 

Watch the video ("Tita" by Empire East)
I myself is a certified Tita of six, but I was able to experienced hands-on mommy duties to two.

When I was still in College, my sister-in-law left the country to work overseas. Just like all the other moms in the world, she left her children not for any other reason, but to provide them a better future. Her daughter then was only 5 yrs old and her son, still breastfeeding, barely a year old.

I’m a teenager, single and has no idea on child-rearing then. But left with nobody to care for them, I took on the responsibility. I bring my niece to school every morning, after which I will go to school myself. My mom takes care of my nephew while I’m in school. It is also my routine to stroll my nephew around the village where we live, to do away with his tantrums. He is not used to feeding in baby bottles so I have to devise a way to make him to.  Those were the days....I’ve watched them growing up. I’m a self-proclaimed nanny, tutor and Tita all wrapped into one.  

Needless to say, I relate very well with the video. “Titas” are really special! They will love and care for you in the best way they know they could, without expecting for anything in return. The love and care given back to them by their “pamangkins” is more than enough. The bonding between them is priceless!  They make each other happier…

The video clearly shows the emotion of the “Tita” (Thelma), happy, taking care and playing with Ethan, and happier though almost into tears when she learned that the “mom” is already coming.  With the mom already by the side of the son, “Tita Thelma will forever remain the loving and caring aunt for Ethan. The memories they shared and created will forever remain in their hearts. Tita’s role does not stop from there.  

The reward that Ethan’s mom gave to her sister is unexpected and it came as a surprise. And such a big surprise. Imagine, a condo unit from Empire East! How I loved to be on her shoes! J  It’s her sister’s way of appreciating her sacrifices for Ethan. Anyway, she could not have made it overseas without the peace of mind and heart that her son is safe on her hands. It’s well-deserved and worth it!  Salute to all the “Tita’s” in the world. Shall we coin another yearly event to celebrate?    :)

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