ASEAN Agriculture Summit 2018

On its second run, the ASEAN Agriculture Summit 2018 is the next step in bringing together various stakeholders of the diverse Agriculture ecosystem at a summit that presents ongoing developments in agriculture enterprises with inclusive business and 3Ms initiatives (Mentorship, Money and Market) as a way to share real live learnings and quick wins that stakeholders may glean insights for policy adjustment and system transformation. While ASEAN is considered as one of the most productive agricultural baskets in the world and a significant provider of jobs and employment especially in developing members of ASEAN, this sector is still plagued by poverty in the region.

This year’s summit will be held on October 1, 2018 | 9am- 5pm at Function Halls 3 & 4, SMX Convention Center, Manila, Pasay City, Philippines, with the theme, “Champions and Emerging Icons of Inclusive Business, Technology and Innovation in Agriculture.”
In our effort to make this sector a sustainable growth driver and game-changer in ASEAN, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council Philippines is launching the very first AGROW Awards, conceived as portmanteau of the words “agri”, or "agro" meaning field, and “grow", aimed to recognize and award the sterling achievements of inspiring agribusinesses and game-changing stakeholders enabling innovation in agriculture advancement in the region.
The objectives of the Summit are:
1. To focus on the champions and emerging icons of technology and innovation, as well as strong public-private partnerships highlighting agripreneurship as the game-changer for their survival, growth and shared prosperity;
2. To reflect the power of the 3Ms Framework: Mentorship, Money and Market; and, serve as a venue to share Inclusive Business Models; and,
3. To glean insights for policy adjustment and system transformation.
This Summit would surely be another great learning experience for Agripreneurs and enthusiasts. It will be a gathering of Delegates from public and private sectors, including Philippine Go Negosyo Mentors, AMEN Mentors, Invited Public Registrants (Prospect Mentors), Program Partners (HeadQuarters and Regional Directors), Online and Offline Enablers and executives (Vice-President, Managing Directors, Heads of Strategy, Chief Economists) representing diverse sectors and business organization.

Interested? Please register at This event is free for students and members of the Academe.

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