My Best Christmas Gift Idea

It’s less than a hundred days before Christmas! Are you ready to rumble?

Once the BER months started, Christmas spirit is just around every corner. Years ago, I used to shop for Christmas presents as early as September, to avoid the rush, and the long queue of lines in just every counter in all shopping malls. All efforts exerted, several trips to the mall, horrible traffic, and the overtime work for wrapping gifts…and yet I never achieved a perfect gifting satisfaction from my loved ones.

There was even a time that in my desire to surprise my son with a basketball shoes, I got the wrong size and wrong style. We ended up selling the shoes instead at a bargain price because we can no longer do a “return and exchange” thing from where it was bought, it’s way past the 7-day return policy (bought it 1st week of Dec but opened only Christmas eve)… Hassle!

So I learned my lesson..!

Why will I burden myself to the “shopping-for-gifts” hassle while I can sit down, relax….and get a double thumbs up from my loved ones!  Last Christmas, I gave my son Sodexo Gift Certificates. Guess what he bought from it…2 pairs of shoes, one for him and one for the girlfriend! Hu hu hu for mom J but the son was happy!

I did the same for the inaanaks, and everyone seems happier! Best of all, Christmas 2017 for me is lighter and stress free. No more unwanted gifts nor size mismatch!

Once you give something, you feel happy when you see that your gift is appreciated. Gifting nowadays is so hard, your loved ones’ personality, wants and needs are all different. Let’s face it, you don’t know what all of them like.

I guess I just discovered the best Christmas gift idea.... gift certificates. Your gift recipients will just go to the mall with the GC and get what they REALLY really like. You are essentially giving your loved ones the freedom to choose.  With Sodexo in particular, the perfect gift is waiting in more than 10,000 merchants nationwide. 

Try visiting GC Regalo for options and details.  GC Regalo is the Philippine's No. 1 online gift certificate shop. You can order different gift certificates from them and they offer promos and discounts for volume purchases.

Gift Certificates avaiable @ GC Regalo
You can never go wrong with the best gift idea suitable for everyone!

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