From Merci to Merzci, nothing but the best in Pasalubong Treats!!!

MERZCI is the trade name of CM & SONS FOOD PRODUCTS, INC. It is the leading bread and food  pasalubong  producer in Bacolod City and the island of Negros. It carries a wide array of product lines, namely, BAKESHOP, FAST FOOD, PASALUBONG, and PURIFIED WATER.

The company maintains optimum standards in its manufacturing processes and is constantly updating and improving its product lines. Along with its constant improvements, it strives to deliver customer satisfaction by bringing the highest “Value for Money” to its customers.

In 2014, following its trademark application with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO), the trade name got updated from Merci to Merzci. With the update in the name, came the upgrades and improvements of the company to produce better products and services to its customers. Thus, launching the brand in October 2014 as “The New and Improved MERZCI”. The addition of the letter Z in the name signifies that the company has been gearing up and focusing on targeting the GENERATION Z as the main market of its products and services. Customers can expect more from the company in the succeeding years – new products, more branches, improved customer service, and new ways to experience, share, and be part of MERZCI.

Merzci Bakeshop, Merzci Pasalubong Treats, Merci Purified Drinking Water and Vitalife Purified Drinking Water produced by C.M. & Sons Food Products, Inc. received the Dynamic Growth (Model Entrepreneur) Award presented by the Metro Bacolod Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MBCCI) in its Achievement Awards for 2011.

Other awards received by Merzci are the following:

ü   2005 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards
ü   Merci Pasalubong Treats: No. 1 Pinoy Delicacies Manufacturer (National)
ü   2005 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards
ü   Merci Purified Drinking Water: No. 1 Water Delivery Service (Negros Occidental)
ü   2005 National Shoppers’ Choice Annual Awards
ü   Merci Bakeshop: No. 1 Bakeshop (Negros Occidental)

Team Merzci gives back too. They initiated a relief operation for the victims of the 6.9-magnitude earthquake in Negros Oriental in 2012. They also helped the victims of the Banago Fire that devastated over a hundred family houses in 2013.

As of Jan 2018, the company is manned by a 1, 600-strong workforce more or less, with each department effectively working together to produce and maintain quality products for its customers.

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About Merzci:


Merzci will be a TOP LEADING BRAND in the Philippine Bakery Industry in Bakeshop and Pasalubong that is aggressively present NATIONWIDE serving quality and reasonably-priced products.


The company aims to continually provide its consumers with the highest quality products and services to maximize their money’s worth:
v   By opening outlets and satellites hubs in key towns and cities in the Philippines.
v   By hiring and training qualified and competent employees.
v   By delivering high quality products with the best value for money.
v   By using state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing equipment and practices.
v   By being innovative with current trends in the national and global markets.
v   By broadening reach through traditional and non-traditional channels.


CM & Sons Food Products, Inc. was established as a family enterprise in 1995 in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. Its products are marketed under the trade name “Merci” a French word meaning “thank you”. Though the trade name is undergoing a rebranding process from Merci to Merzci, the company still believes that it will remain competitive in the food market.

Merzci started as a small bakery, supplying breads to a single store at the Libertad Market. Eventually, its popularity became undeniable due to a growing satisfied customer pool. With its high quality breads at affordable prices, combined with aggressive marketing strategies and the ingenuity of youth, it did not take long for the company to establish its own branches around the city and supply products to satellite dealers all over the province.

Merzci also evolved into a fast food restaurant serving scrumptious and affordable snacks and short-order meals for people on the go.

Complementing its food line, it diversified its business interests in 2003 with the introduction of its bottled purified water brands distributed around Negros Island, namely MERCI PURIFIED DRINKING WATER and VITALIFE PURIFIED DRINKING WATER. Despite competition from national brands, the two brands successfully sliced a big share in the province’s purified water market in only a few months’ time and up to present. The water brand is also expected to follow suit in the rebranding of its trade name.

The success of CM & Sons Food Products, Inc. may very well be attributed to its ability to cope with the emergence of new markets and opportunities.
In January 2005, CM & Sons launched its newest line – MERZCI PASALUBONG TREATS, to cater to the growing tourist and balikbayan crowd that regularly come to the province. 

A few among the almost a hundred pasalubong treats from Merzci

The pasalubong treats have gained a massive “suki” consumer crowd that prompted the company to open its first pasalubong center in Singcang, Bacolod City in September 2005. This branch is only about five minutes away from the old Bacolod Airport which, at that time, gained a wide acceptance among the locals and travelers alike. Seven months later, a second pasalubong center emerged in Mandalagan in April 2006, which now caters mainly to travelers leaving the city on the way to the north of the island. In 2008, when the New Bacolod-Silay Airport was opened to the public a new branch conveniently located at the Departure Area was opened for its customers who are always on the go. And, most recently last February of 2013, BREDCO Branch was established to cater to Iloilo-Panay travelers making it a point that, indeed, Merzci will always be a part of a traveler’s Bacolod experience.

Merzci logos through the years..

For more than two decades, the company has produced quality products from breads to pastries to Visayan delicacies to short order meals and even purified water. Products are made available in the different branches and dealers in the Negros Island, Panay, even reaching as far as Tuguegarao City in the North, Zamboanga City, Manila, and Cebu. Some products are also exported by distributors to Canada, the USA, and other parts of the world.


Company Name:                  CM & Sons Food Products, Inc.
Date Established:                 May 1995
Headquarters:                       Merzci Bread and Pastries, Hervias Village II,
Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental 6100
Trunkline Nos.:                      (6334) 435 4444 / 707 4444
Fax Nos.:                                  (6334) 435 4444 / local 144 / 151
Mobile No.:                            +63 917 719 6544 / +63 917 308 0088
Email:                               /

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