World Blockchain Forum (WBFex), the World’s Highly Anticipated Exchange of 2019

The WBF Group was founded on Wall Street in New York, and has launched the WBFex exchange in 2018. 

After the first generation of "Centralized Exchange" and the second generation of "Platformized Digital Asset Exchange", WBF Exchange has pioneered the new concept of “Generation III of Digital Asset Exchange” and using multiple security protection technologies to create a global digital financial integrated service platform.

WBFex's objective is to achieve 4.5 million registered platform users by December 31, 2019, and have 18 million registered platform users by June 30, 2020.

WBFex exchange is planning to launch the new perpetual contract trading (a popular type of futures contract) in October of 2019, which WBFex aims to become the largest digital asset exchange of registered users worldwide.

For more information, visit WBFex Website:

Organized by: World Blockchain Forum
Co-Hosted by: Block Tides, Block Ace & Asia Token Fund
When:   July 26, 2019,
Where: To be announced via email blast

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