Milk Tea Craze becomes healthier with Liposlim

2019 is all about Milk Tea. In every commercial place you visit, it is impossible not to find a store to offer milk teas, be it local or international brands as well, penetrating the drink-savvy Philippine market. 

Here's one good news for health conscious individuals, you can now jump in to the craze and have a milk tea without the “sugar” guilt. Try LipoSlim Wintermelon flavour Milk Tea, it doesn’t contain any sugar  and yet gives you 3 benefits. It has whitening, slimming and anti-aging ingredients like Glutathione, L- Carnitine, Garcinia Cambogia, Black Tea, Collagen and Vitamin C

According to Chief Operations Officer Jesseroy Ruelos...
 “We formulate this drink for the on- the- go parents. As we grow old, we like to be healthier and stronger plus if we can be slimmer why not! We’re very proud with the testimonials and results from our customers right now and with this, we’re thankful that we can help them through LipoSlim that comes as coffee, milk tea and iced tea. It’s also very affordable from Php 150 pesos to 180 pesos per box. Everyone can be healthier now since we don’t use sugar.” 

Joyce and Jesseroy Ruelos (CEO and COO, LipoSlim Brand)

LipoSlim Coffee, Milk Tea and Iced Tea can be bought from different stores and mostly via online distributors. Just check the Facebook account to know more about these products and where to buy. For more information and to be a distributor, check or call 09778978877, 02 2193503

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