Smart Asset Managers... By a Filipino, For the Filipinos!

Been writing about this new digital player about to be launch anytime soon in the Philippine market, Smart Asset Managers (SAM).

 As I get to know more about the beliefs and principles of its founder, Mr. Rommel Santos, in affirmation, I can say that he truly is a FILIPINO, not only by blood but more so by heart.

Mr. Rommel Santos, SAM's Founder 

He has high hopes that given the right opportunity, Filipinos can uplift their standard of living. Santos has long been wanting to contribute to bring positive changes to Filipinos’ financial state. And he intends to make this happen by introducing Smart Asset Managers to them.

 SAM started in Melbourne, but anybody, anywhere around the globe, can subscribe to it. As of this writing, there are subscribers from around 18 countries around the world.


Smart Asset Manager (SAM) is a subscription-based firm that aims to revert to the conventional method of entrepreneurial journey through sharing economy. It is somewhat like a cooperative, wherein subscribers automatically become a member. A subscriber of 300USDT gets rewarded of up to 15% monthly distributed daily to his SAM E-wallet account.

 Citing Republic Act  6939… “the State shall recognize cooperatives as associations organized for the economic and social betterment of their members, operating business enterprises based on mutual aid, and founded upon internationally accepted cooperative principles and practices.” Mr. Santos wants every Filipino to benefit from whatever profit SAM will gain. He wants every subscriber to feel a sense of belongingness, a sense of ownership of the business. This is indeed what shared economy means, a very clear example of how cooperative operates.

 Smart Asset Managers Project Developments (SAMPD), wants to disrupt a long-going business practice of some foreign companies operating in the Philippines, that is, bringing out money from the country to avoid paying appropriate local taxes.

Mr. Santos believes otherwise. He says, “This should not be the case. Let the benefit go where it should,” he explains.


Quite admirable on his stand on this. :)




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