Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang are Asia Leaders Awards’ Entrepreneurs of the Year

When the others gave up, these two did not. They truly deserved to be recognized!

Asia Leaders Awards recipients for this year as
“Entrepreneurs of the Year” for multi-level marketing, Jonathan So and Carlito Macadangdang, are thankful for such recognition, however the awarding body that bestowed this prestigious label to the two young gentlemen signifies more than just a classy plaque or an elegant trophy… it personifies the selfless acts demonstrated by these two during the times where everyone is tested, at the height of the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic sent shockwaves across the world, devastating each country’s health care capabilities and crippling the world’s economy. In the Philippines alone, thousands of companies were severely affected which resulted in millions who have lost their jobs in just a matter of a few weeks.

Rather than surrendering and fall victims to the hands of the pandemic, Jonathan and Carlito took a bold step not only to sustain their business operations but more importantly, to save each one of their employees from losing their job. That meant digging down deep in their pockets just to keep their company afloat, barely earning anything at that time, sacrificing what they have just to keep their employees from going hungry during those trying times.

Amidst all the chaos, it is when JC’s President and CEO Jonathan So and Vice President and CFO Carlito Macadangdang shone the brightest. Both of them did not entertain defeat in their minds. As such, when everyone else was about to declare bankruptcy, it is when JC had thrived!

JC developed and marketed the now trending and hottest pandemic protection must-haves popularly known as CopperMask, a self-disinfecting copper film face mask made with infused copper strands that are both effective and fashionable.

Another breakthrough added layer of pandemic protection must-haves is the trendy Ninja Ion, a personal air purifier that releases negative ions around the wearer, protecting against pollutants and other harmful particles visible or not in the air.

Aside from developing this successful protection, fashion-wearable, their health and wellness line again aided the public in helping fight off the spread of the deadly COVID-19 by supplying its distributors and the general public the CalVit- C — a non-acidic vitamin C that effectively strengthens the body’s immune system, increasing its chance to thwart off the virus.

Also making waves across the market is the morning favorite
Good Leaf Ashitaba coffee that instantly perks your day which is packed with a rich source of vitamins and nutrients. Another product is the all-nutritional Organic Barley Juice drink that is sourced directly from New Zealand which supplies the body with the purest and highest form of body-boosting nutrition. And of course, the trending monthly-friendly napkin - the Kpads Negative Ion Sanitary Napkin.

Aside from these health-boosting wellness products, JC also innovated with their Shoplink portal or online store helping their distributors market these helpful products and making them earn safely even at the comfort of their homes.

Throughout the pandemic, these two young entrepreneurs have managed to hire more and more employees, employing those severely affected by the said situation.

It is through their innovations, brilliant planning, and their selfless acts that they are selected and recognized as Asia Leaders Awards' Entrepreneurs of the Year, putting others first before them and inspire others as they thrive through the pandemic.

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