DOST webinar: Backend Innovation gives new life to wastes

As the MMIC (Modular Multi-Industry Innovation Center) was inaugurated and presented to the public last February 18, 2021, a follow-through webinar was conducted by DOST to further show the public the facilities MMIC has to offer. The webinar entitled “Backend Innovation gives new life to wastes,” was held last March 31, 2021.

DOST Webinar, MMIC

Why such a webinar title?
It’s because DOST-MMIC literally gives life to wastes. It provides the ways and means to convert waste by-products to finished products with great value to consumers.

DOST Secretary Fortunato “Boy” Dela Pena said, “MMIC is the blackbox between the input and the output. By-products supposed to be to be thrown away can be developed to come up with products with added value.” And this is made possible by the services and facilities being offered by the DOST-MMIC group.

The Backend innovation webinar presented a detailed look on each of the 3 main processing lines available at the MMIC, namely: Nuts and Seed Oil, Mix Blends and Powder, and Liquid and Emulsions.


Sample production processes using MMIC

A. Nuts and Seed Oil Line

Nuts & Seed Oil

B. Mix Blends and Powder Line

C. Liquid and Emulsions Line

The facilities available and corresponding rates are as follows:

MMIC not only offers the use of their facilities to stakeholders, they have other modes of engagements being offered

For interested individuals, you may watch the webinar again thru this link,, (start at 22:24 min), to get the full view of the MMIC facilities and services.

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