A Day at Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino

 A visit to a farm is a perfect breather from the daily grind in the busy streets of Manila, with the Covid-19 virus still a big threat to all of us.  Truly stressful!

It's perfect timing that an invitation came, for us to visit a 2-hectare greenery at the bountiful land of Calauan Laguna, the Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino. Though there was rain the day of our visit, we were blessed to still manage to tour around the area.

Hidden Hills Farm By Josefino is for the family who likes to experience farm living and at the same time enjoying the produce and the activities. 

Tree Familiarization Tour and Fruit Picking


Cashew Fruit : My firrst time to taste this fruit rich in Vitamin C, it's juicy, with a sweet-sour taste. 

Golden Caimito

Golden Caimito Fruit:  Golden Caimito is more flavorful than the usual Caimito (green-violet) we see in the market. It's quite sweet and creamy. It is  an anti-oxidant and is said to be good for our digestive system. It also helps regulate our blood pressure. There are many more other benefits we can get from this golden fruit.


Guyabano Fruit: Was not able to taste the Guyabano fruit coz it's not yet ripe but this is super fruit,  with so many health benefits.  Guyabano or soursop is typically eaten raw, has a creamy texture and strong flavor. Low in calories but high in Fiber and Vitamin C. Even  Guyabano leaves  can be used as tea, helps fight cancer and gout. 

Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas with her Lipote Fruit harvest

Lipote Fruit:  We did some Lipote tasting, another first for me. Do you know what Lipote is? Lipote is a fruit tree that is indigenous to the Philippines. Famous in Bicol but it can also be seen in the Southern provinces like  Batangas and Laguna. Looks similar to Duhat, taste quite close. It has many medicinal benefits too.  High in anti-oxidant, and is good for hypertensive and diabetics people. It can  also be fermented to be made into wine. 

There are a lot of fruit bearing trees we saw, Avocado, Papaya, Guava, Mangoes, Lanzones and a lot more. Such a haven for fruit-lovers :)

Unfortunately, due to heavy rains, we were not able to tour the entire place, the hanging bridge, lanzones area et. al. It was too slippery, we decided to go back to the barn house.  Anyway, we will definitely be back for these.


At the Barn House

The host, Engr Grace Bondad Nicolas and her family prepared a sumptuous and "healthy" meal for us. Our healthy lunch:  Inihaw na Tilapia, Soya-based Liempo, Pork BBQ, Lumpiang Hubad, Tofu Sisig, Vermicelli Salad, Spaghetti with Inihaw na mais on the side, and Ube Halaya and Leche Flan as dessert.


Aside from the awesome experience we had at the farm, we brought home the fruits we picked, golden caimito, cashew (fruit), Pomelo, Chesa, Banana and Lipote. Mommy Remy Bondad even gave us a  pot containing 3 variety of Mangoes, she's so sweet and very accommodating. 

Saba and the Lipote Fruits shaked with salt

Mommy Remy Bondad even gave us a  pot containing 3 variety of Mangoes, she's so sweet and very accommodating.

 Mama Bear Remy Bondad

And just as we are about to leave, the equally generous CEO of Mernels Mrs Merle Mendoza Balicao and Macao Imperial Tea CEO Mr. Avin Ong,  surprised us with their yummy treats!!!

Macao Imperial Tea - Cheesecake 


The visit was all worth it, an experience to cherish. If you feel you need to unload and relax a bit, a visit to Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino is exactly what you need!

We are all smiles, happy to be in this pink and green haven,  Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino

Hidden Hills Farm by Josefino is now open for bookings, for your hiking, camping and nature-tripping needs, by schedule only.  For inquiries, you may call 09778978877, 09166299381,  or 02 2193503

Address: #1 Barangay Imok, Calauan, Laguna via Barangay Mabacan. Boundary of Balayhangin and Mabacan

Landmark: Before Hacienda Macalauan

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