VSmart gets smarter this SY 2021-2022 with the launch of its new features

V-Smart, developed by Vibal Group,  is a one-stop teaching and learning platform that supports self-paced, teacher-paced, asynchronous, and synchronous formal education online.  


Vibal has been known for so long for providing high-quality learning materials in the form of textbooks and other supplementary magazines.  As technological innovations continue to greatly influence the way we live, the way students study and learn, Vibal also continues to innovate. They are amongst the first to jump on the bandwagon on digitalization of learning materials and platforms.

VSmart, the company’s flagship product for education and technology, recently launched three new features,  VSmart Digital Library, VSmart Analytics, VSmart Games—these are solutions that will further help schools to succeed in this era of flexible and hybrid learning.

VSmart Digital Library is an online library where students and teachers can access e-books, learning resources, and lesson supplements. Students and teachers can simply log in and indulge in reading class modules, textbooks, children’s story books, and reference materials. VSmart Digital Library also gives teachers an opportunity to teach students how to search, analyze, and utilize digital resources which is a crucial skill for 21st-century learning. 

VSmart Analytics helps users access and analyze data in a snap. School administrators can now view and analyze engagements between teachers and students in different subject areas. Teachers can now measure students’ progress per available competencies. Teachers can view overall screen time and activity logs of students, and track the overall class performance and learning progress. Students and parents can now monitor their learning progress.


VSmart Games takes VSmart users to a new level of gamified learning. Each game is age-appropriate to their intended players, and is anchored to the pedagogical skills that hone mastery in different subjects the game is linked to.


These new features will be available this school year 2021-2022 to all users of VSmart. Interested schools may email marketing@vibalgroup.com for a VSmart presentation and training.

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