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One of Bicol region’s pride is the province of Sorsogon. It is the southernmost province in Luzon. Known for its Butanding or whale shark interaction activities at Donsol... Sorsogon offers more! 

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It’s culture-rich and has nice beaches to go to. Bulusan Lake was even tagged as the “Switzerland of the Orient” due to its resemblance to Alpine mountain lakes.  It is also pretty good for kayaking activities.

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Sorsogon is one of the most visited tourist destination in the Philippines.  It  is one of the region's leading cities in urbanization and the most promising city in terms of development. It serves as a doorway to Visayas and Mindanao thereby making it a center of trade and commerce.

With the most recent infrastructure developments in Sorsogon, the province will surely achieve its vision, that is….  by 2030, Sorsogon will be a province of prosperous, resilient and healthy people living a high-trust society. confidently posted this, they are positive that this is attainable.

As a matter of fact, the provincial government just recently got its certification from the International Organization for Standardization because of the quality of their business operations and public service delivery. 

The newly inaugurated Sorsogon City Coastal road. The new road linking Rompeolas in Brgy. Talisay to Sorsogon Grand Terminal and SM site in Balogo.

If Sorsogon is nice to visit, it’s definitely nice to dwell with too! 

Find your place now in Sorsogon. Whether you are a Sorsogueño or just planning to transfer, you will love everything in it! The beautiful spots, beaches, festivals, the trade and commerce and the infrastructure developments happening, all these will surely make you contented and satisfied all the more.

And if you are now ready to get a place of your own in Sorsogon,  
Lumina Homes has the best deals for you!  Lumina can provide you with the right home for your family, by size and by budget, be it a rowhouse, townhouse, duplex or single-detached 😊

Lumina Sorsogon is strategically located along Sorsogon Diversion Road, Brgy. Macabog, Sorsogon City, 10 minutes away from the future SM City Sorsogon and Sorsogon City downtown.


Why go for Lumina?

  • Lumina is the Top 1 developer by PAGIBIG Fund in 2019. That means you will get your moneys worth with every Lumina property 😊

  • Price of each unit is affordable for every Juan! It’s low-cost but definitely of good quality.

  • Have the look and feel of your prospect property through the 360 virtual tour provided. No need to be physically touring the property of your choice. Just go to their website and explore. So you will be safe from the Covid-19 virus  👍

  • Still not satisfied with the virtual tour and videos, ask JuanZobot, Lumina’s Official Chatbot! 💻 He knows everything about Lumina.

  • Reserve Easy! Go to, then just select and click. Information is complete from Location, property details and pricing… up to reservation!

  • And if you are already a homeowner, Lumina e-text tool will be provided to you for your convenience. Everything you need to know is just a SMS away, SOA and payment channels. You can even update your contact information from here. 📱

  • The digital modes of payment Lumina adopted is a plus for homeowners. You can pay via Digital wallets or Online Banking, bringing convenience and safety to homeowners this pandemic and even beyond.

  • Lumina is a certified Innovator, easily adapting to change and continuously providing its clients with innovative ways and means to make business transactions safe, easier and more convenient.


A sneak peek of Lumina Sorsogon

Several home models are available at Lumina Sorsogon. Choose the right one for your family to enjoy!

Starting up a family, newly-weds, or just preparing for the future…. the Aimee Rowhouse is your perfect fit! Affordably priced with size just right for start-up couples. It is a 22 square meter house on a regular 36 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 1 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, and service area.

Need a little more space? Looking for a bigger place for bigger families, with car parking provision, but open for close neighborhood ties 😊, choose between Angelique Townhouse or Angeli Duplex! Angelique Townhouse is a 35 square meter house and lot on a regular 36 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 2 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. While Angeli Duplex is a 42 square meter house and on a regular 54 square meter lot. Its features include a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedroom provision, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area.

If you want the peace and quiet of a home abode, with bigger space to move to, detached from an immediate neighbor, the Single Firewall models of Armina and Angeli is the one for you. Armina Single Firewall is a 42 square meter house and lot on a regular 54 square meter lot. Similar to Angeli Single Firewall, it includes a living area, dining & kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 1 toilet & bath, 1 carport provision, and service area. However, it comes with additional features like a free ceiling and tiles on the ground floor.


 Your family will surely love the look and feel of Lumina. A guarded entrance,  several areas for relaxation and fitness, community facility, basketball court and mini-garden, parks and playground for the kids to enjoy.  

Everything you need is in Lumina Homes Sorsogon. Take the tour now and be one of the proud owners of a Lumina property. Happy Home scouting folks…

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