Karmi Palafox: a Rising Tiger on her own Rights

Meet one of the featured Rising Tigers at the newest business publication in town, Rising Tigers:Nation Builders magazine, Urban planner Karima Palafox.

Palafox, Rising Tiger

Karima Palafox, more popularly known as “Karmi,” is a highly experienced urban planner with international experience in strategic planning, economics, urban design and policy. She’s involved in the strategy and development plan of communities, islands, new and historic cities, infrastructure, and public places leading mixed-use, residential and tourism, airports, to post-crisis and post-disaster rehabilitation projects.

A chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute in the UK and a licensed environmental planner with the Philippine Institute of Environmental Planners, she led the strategic plans of some well-loved places in the Philippines. She has master's degrees in urban planning and economics, and has been educated in England, the Philippines, Israel and Barcelona.

In 2005, Karmi joined Palafox Associates, a highly regarded planning and architecture firm in Asia and served as a Senior Adviser, Managing Partner and Head of Planning and Urban Design. She is also the founding director of the Palafox Architecture group.


Life Mission

Karmi was not forced to follow her fathers’ footstep. At first, she doesn’t want to, cause growing up, she and her siblings saw her father working 16 hours a day, so they agreed none of them would be an Architect. Realization came in late to her that she will later work side by side with his father, the famous and well-respected Architect Felino “Jun” Palafox.

During one of the Women’s Business Summit in the Philippines, she said: “Finding how your own purpose would fit the purpose of the company’s work is vital, I have job offers, to be a sustainability manager in Bali, one in the Middle East, there’s also from England but then I thought I am a Filipino and I care about my environment, so I can complain about how the Philippines is, how bad traffic is from the stance or…I can do work directly or try to help directly thru Palafox Associates.”

Now she has made her life mission: To help improve people’s quality of life through better cities and communities. She loves solving complex urban challenges whether it be for the purpose of generating more jobs in the regions, bringing in tourists to a destination, upgrading communities in disadvantaged areas, or rebuilding after a disaster. She volunteered as the Urban Planning Adviser of “Tindig Marawi”.


“Beyond Places” Podcast

Karmi has spoken at numerous international conferences, and she has written articles on housing, real estate, transport and mobility, and the environment. She was once a regular contributor to Manila Standard’s “Urban Matters.”  Her passion for travelling complements her work as an Urban Planner. Just very recently, she created “Beyond Places”, a podcast about the planning, design and leadership of the communities, to share lessons and best practices and to be inspired by stories from thought leaders and visionaries from cities around the world.

On her 6th podcast, Guest is Arch. Felino Palafox

Rising Tigers:Nation Builders - Recognizing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Asia Leaders Awards take the opportunity to recognize pretty and witty visionary Karmi Palafox, an excellent urban planner, economist, and strategists, among the Top 50 Rising Tigers in the Asia Pacific on the launching of the Rising Tigers: Nation Builders Magazine.

Launching on March 22, 2022, at the Grand Hyatt Manila at the BGC in Taguig, “Rising Tigers: Nation Builders” is another brainchild of Asia Leaders Awards (ALA) Committee.

To know more about Rising Tigers: Nation Builders and Asia Leaders Awards, visit https://www.facebook.com/AsiaLeadersAwards.

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