Hot for the Summer? No Thanks, Stay Chill with These Juice Recipes Instead

Oh sweet, sweet summer. We love it, but don’t we all love to hate it sometimes, too? While there is nothing quite like this season in the Philippines, we all have to admit that it can be pretty challenging sometimes, especially with the scorching heat!


But why be against it in the first place? We say, start embracing it! There’s definitely no shortage of good things to appreciate during these sweltering months—case in point: fruit shakes and smoothies which seem to just have an extra dash of magic in them when enjoyed during this season.


Whether you’re planning to stay in and cool down or take a trip to the beach, everything gets so much better when you have a delicious, healthy drink in hand. Need ideas for the best summer drinks that can quench your thirst? Get your juicers and blenders ready for the recipes below.


Coco Twist Smoothie

Remember those tasty coconut juices peddled by sidewalk vendors every weekend at the park? You can easily recreate those and add an extra twist to them with this Coco Twist Smoothie Recipe infused with mint leaves and real coconut meat! Bananas and mangoes give this healthy shake natural sweetness while the refreshing coconut water ties everything together.

Coco Twist Smoothie: Perfect for: A date in the park




1 cup coconut water

1 cup coconut meat

1 piece ripe mango

2 pieces banana (saba)

5 pieces pechay

8 pieces mint leaves

3 cups ice cubes



 1. Wash the pechay and mint leaves thoroughly. Cut the mango and remove the skin of the banana.

 2. Put all ingredients in the Breville blender jug and process through the smoothie function.

 3. Transfer the smoothie into the glass and serve.


Tropical Detox Smoothie and Watermelon Lemonade

Perfect for: A day at the beach

What’s a beach getaway without cradling a refreshing drink in your hand while sunbathing by the sand and waves? The Watermelon Lemonade is the perfect thirst-thirst quencher with its extra fizz while the Tropical Detox Smoothie is ideal for those who want something healthy but delicious still.


Watermelon Lemonade


0.5 piece Yellow Watermelon

 1 piece Lemon

 1 cup Soda Water



 1. Peel the watermelon and lemon.

2. Process the fruits using the Breville Juicer


Tropical Detox Smoothie



236 ml Almond Milk

 236 g Pineapple

 1 cup Camote Tops

 1 piece Banana

 15 g Chia Chaff



 1. Freeze pineapple chunks and peeled banana overnight. Chill the almond milk.

 2. Wash the camote tops thoroughly.

 3. Put all ingredients in the Breville blender jug and process through the smoothie function.

 4. Transfer the smoothie into the glass and serve.



Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush and Quick Quencher Juice

Perfect for: Summer house party

Who says you need to go out to have fun? The Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush and Quick Quencher Juice will bring the glam of summer to your home with their refreshing flavor profiles!

Dalanghita Mojito Mocktail Slush


1 kg Dalanghita

 1 piece Cucumber

 1 pack Mint Leaves

 1 can Soda Water (Schweppes)

 1.5 cup Honey

 1.5 cup Ice Cubes



 1. Cut dalanghita into half, squeeze in dalanghita directly into the Breville blender through the citrus cone

 2. Add the cucumber, mint leaves, honey, ice cubes and sparkling water and process through the smoothie function.

 3. Transfer the drink into a margarita or mojito glass. Garnish with sliced dalanghita and mint leaves.


Quick Quencher Juice


0.5 piece Pineapple

 35 g Squash, Local

 1 piece Cucumber

 1 piece Chayote



1. Wash all of the ingredients thoroughly. Juice everything and enjoy!


One Pine Day Juice and Lemony Sweet Juice

Perfect for: A casual hangout with friends

 Chill and lay back with your friends while sipping on these juices that will chase your thirst away.

One Pine Day



 2 piece Apple

 3 piece Celery Stalk

 1 piece Lemon

 15 g Herb, Parsley



 1. Wash all of the ingredients thoroughly and peel the lemon.

 2. Process all of the produce using the Breville Juicer.

 3. Pour it into a glass and serve.


Lemony Sweet Juice



2 piece Pear

 1 piece Cucumber

 1 piece Lemon

 3 piece Celery Stalk



 1. Wash all of the produce thoroughly. Peel the lemon.

 2. Process all of the produce using the Breville Juicer.

 3. Pour it into a glass and serve!


 Of course, it’s always a good idea to enjoy drinks that you make on your own because you can easily customize the ingredients to suit your taste and health goals, too! Fortunately, you can now easily craft your own high-quality drinks with the help of equally top-tier kitchen partners like Breville’s Juicers and Blenders. 

Breville Philippines’ Kinetix Twist, for example, is a superstar of a blender that can be used to create velvety cocktails and smoother smoothies thanks to its innovative central blades that blend from top to bottom. The Juice Fountain Max, on the other hand, makes whole fruit juicing as easy as 1, 2, 3 with its unique juicing disk. It can even juice whole fruits and can extract up to 30 percent more juice and 70 percent more nutrients according to the National Measurement Institute (2003, 2011).

Jazz up your summer and beat the heat with these tasty and healthy juices that you can make in a cinch. Looking for more recipe ideas? Visit FoodThinkers by Breville for some fresh inspiration! You can also check out their website to find more about their products or follow their official Facebook and Instagram channels.







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