Pretty You CEO Jessa Macaraig joins the pool of Go Negosyo mentors

The Pretty You CEO Jessa Macaraig is now officially one of Go Negosyo’s mentors!


She guided aspiring entrepreneurs and advised business people trying to make their business plans as one of the elite mentors on board Go Negosyo’s 3M Mentorship, Money, and Market on Wheels Call for Mentors on September 17, 2022, at the Activity Center of the Alabang Town Center.


“Success is not possible alone, so it’s importrant to have mentors that you can trust and people who can guide you along the way,” Jessa said, recognizing the importance of others in every business endeavor.


“That’s the way we can make an impact on our market,” she added.


Thus, from one beauty salon The Pretty You started during the pandemic, Jessa’s beauty empire is now twenty-two branches spring.

And there’s no stopping her. In fact, she’s diversifying her portfolio by venturing into AquaSkin, BEXCS, and JC, determined and powerful through and through.


“For me, the essential quality of a leader is that she wants CHANGE,” Jessa explained. “It is relevant that a leader wants to create change and not just to go with the flow of what's in there.”


“You have to innovate, be open to trends, and develop new formulas that would make an impact on people,” she stressed.


“To do this you have to know what’s best for your market, and you have to work for that,” she added.


For those who are just starting their businesses, she has the following advice:

 “Success is when you feel that you are fulfilled, and it doesn’t have to be big every time.”


The event was held in partnership with DTI Philippines, MSMED Council, and Alabang Town Center.

Ms Jessa Macaraig is an honoree in the September 2022 issue of Rising Tigers Magazine’s “Women of Substance” list and has 22 branches of The Pretty You Aesthetic Clinics.

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