JABBRE: Triumphs the Business and Lifestyle Excellence Category at the Lustre Awards 2022

At the glamorous evening last Dec. 12, 2022 at the Grand Ballroom, Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila Hotel.

Jabbre, a Filipino brand of motorcycle intercom system has won the “Best Game Changer Brand in the Motorcycle Industry” award in the Business and Lifestyle Excellence Category of Lustre Awards 2022– a prestigious award that strives to recognize, value, and celebrate individuals, groups, companies, and advocacies that truly make a difference.

As soon as Jabbre launched in 2020, the company vowed to provide customers with the best service possible, as well as to continuously innovate and produce products with cutting-edge features that are also affordably priced. And Jabbre's receipt of this honor demonstrates that since its founding, this business has defined and exemplified excellence through its objectives, quality service, and innovative products

Jabbre, a young company, appeared to have "fully arrived" in the motorcycle industry after receiving this award. For Jabbre, however, this would only be the beginning of the journey toward becoming the "game-changer" and consistently providing innovation in the industry. A promise to Jabbre's ability to connect, adapt, and—most importantly—evolve is the fact that Jabbre obtained this Lustre award. Jabbre Team is thankful to the Lustre Awards 2022  7Stars Board of Councils for this.

Lustre Awards 2022 is an evening of fashion, philanthropy and distinction. It aims to promote the artistry of local fashion designers, raise funds for charity causes and recognize individuals who made exemplary contributions to society. It serves as our way of giving back to the community in recognition of all their love and support to the organization.

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