Tomorrow is never promised, choose to be prepared!

The past 3 years have been undeniably tough, but we proved to be tougher. 2022 served as our testing grounds, from the sudden halt from normality in 2020 due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, to getting back to our normal lives. 

Caught Unprepared

While life gets to a standstill as forced by community lockdowns, our resiliency was put into test. Obviously, the threat of acquiring the life-threatening virus is the first and foremost concern, but the long-term effects proved to be more debilitating. Commercial areas became ghost towns, no school, no work, businesses closed resulting to depleted financial resources for many, emotional stress, and anxiety attacks. 

On a positive note, the obligatory shift from physical to virtual paved the way for the easy adoption of virtual technologies. Work from home, online meeting tools, online stores, courier and door to door delivery companies and online payment machineries took over. Suddenly, people find ways to make ends meet. 


So we are surviving

In fact, we were able to celebrate Christmas and New Year 2022 super close to normal. People from all walks of life flocked malls and restaurants. Even theme parks proved to be almost back to normalcy as crowds gathered to celebrate and enjoy.

We are so blessed in spite of it all. We were able to overcome our social, emotional, and financial struggles. Along the way, with limited opportunities we have during the pandemic, we learned a lot. We could have done it better!

What's Next?

The most recent article from USA Today states, "the Xbb 1.5 covid variant is very contagious and everyone is at risk given the lack of universal masking." We should never be complacent. You’ll never know when a pandemic or other catastrophe might strike again! Choose to be prepared!

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Improve Financial standing

There are a lot of articles about how to save, how to be debt-free and all. But again, this will all depend on you, on your mindset. Assess, Accept, Realize and Plan. Know your means and your saving capacity. You can refer to this free online calculator site to check on how much you should save per month to attain your savings goal in a specified number of years.  


Do not forget your health

Invest on your health. You need a good-conditioned mind and well-functioning body. Work out on being fit. Remember, you cannot be healthy if you are not fit. A lot of diseases are caused by non-conformity to normal body weight. If you need to check on yours, click here.

Do it now!

Kick the Stress and Pressures off

As they say, #YOLO, You only live once, so make the most out of it. Learn to handle your stress. Panicking and over-worrying won’t do you any good. Breathe in breathe out. Be still and reflect. There will always be a solution to every problem. A very helpful guide is the “Doing What Matters in Times of Stress” published by the World Health Organization (WHO). This guidebook is also free to download.

As 2023 begins, ready yourself for a year full of challenges and breakthroughs. Preparing the road before you can make your life journey smooth and enjoyable! Choose the better option, tomorrow is never promised!


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