Shawarma Shack CEO at Rising Tigers “People To Watch 2023”

One of the young leaders of this generation with proven success. The person behind the success of Shawarma Shack is its Founder, President, and CEO, Walther Uzi Buenavista. In the seven years that Buenavista has been managing the business, his direction is always laser-focused on his three main motivations: Growth, Innovation, and Employment.


Walther with his proven success has been named as part of “People To Watch 2023” under the most distributed local magazine right now at National Bookstores, Rising Tigers Magazine.


According to the CMO of the magazine, Andria Terese Nicolas, “I look up to our roster of leaders, what they all have in common is that they are all young visionaries, and dedicated individuals who worked towards their purpose. After all, just like what Lewis Carol said “ One of the secrets of life is that all that is worth doing is what we do for others.”




Thus, what started as a simple food stall in Divisoria in February 2015 has now become a leading innovator in the food cart business. Buenavista's "distinctive visioning ability" facilitated the growth of the company.

This growth was also fueled by his desire to bring their products closer to the customers. Shawarma Shack now has stores in key locations across the country with over 700 branches and still counting. "It presented a significant growth in terms of augmenting the demand from our customers and expanding enterprise sales, Buenavista pointed out.


Rising Tiger


This publication is designed to inspire and motivate those who wish to start and grow their businesses. But what exactly is the purpose? This is to share the voices and success stories of those leaders who helped shaped our country today. Our Rising Tigers and Nation Builders are respectable individuals from diverse backgrounds, and different generations. Because we believe all generations should be heard. They are all gathered and highlighted for the same goal and it’s to spark inspiration to many, through them, we can help create more future rising individuals and game changers in our society.”


The 13 leaders are as follows;


•Brian Poe Llamanzares of Pantheon Holdings

•Arch. Miko Delos Reyes of Imagimax

•Walther Uzi Buenavista of Shawarma Shack

•Congresswoman Margarita Nograles

•DILG Usec Margarita Gutierrez

•DICT Usec Anna Mae Lamentillo

•Rafael Oria Jr of Beyond Leisure Property Consultant

•Dionisio Tan Jr of TCI Village Inc

•Atty. Arnel Mateo of ADM & Partners Data Privacy and Consulting Inc

•Actor & Entrepreneur Coco Martin

•Actress & Entrepreneur Lovi Poe

•Musician King Tomoro

•Beauty Queen & Entrepreneur Michelle Marquez Dee


Rising Tigers will be celebrating their Anniversary on March and they are proud to say that they are growing faster and stronger than ever. That is why, at Rising Tigers Magazine are calling all Nation Builders and emerging leaders to join and to show to the world that the Philippines is indeed open for business.

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