Smart and Vibrant CMO of Rising Tigers Magazine quips: "We all need Heroes"

A student from DLSU under Political Science to continue Law afterwards, Entrepreneur Andria Terese Nicolas and also the Chief Marketing Officer of the most distributed magazine right now in National Bookstores surprised all the guests with her inspiring speech during the magazine’s anniversary and awards night. 

Andria also is a writer and the Executive Director of Youth Entrepreneurship Academy leading more than 30,000 members. She’s also the incoming President of Kiwanis Club of Makati and a member of Los Baños Chamber of Commerce. 

The anniversary was attended by the leaders of this generation that includes Paolo Villar, Brian Poe Llamanzares, Senator Grace Poe, DILG Secretary Benhur Abalos Jr, DTI Secretary Alfredo Pascual, Comelec Chairman George Garcia and the 3 ambassadors from France, Poland and Vietnam among others. 

Sharing her speech during the magazine’s anniversary that inspires everyone especially at her young age. 

Good evening!

Before anything else, I’d like to express our gratitude to Senator Grace Poe for her time and for showing her unwavering support for the magazine and by also being here with us on this momentous occasion the Anniversary of Rising Tigers, despite her busy schedule, thank you po ulit Senator.

My heart is full because of all the overwhelming love Rising Tigers is receiving since the night we launched this magazine.

Looking back, we didn't really anticipate the rapid success. We started by wanting to have a magazine focused on business leaders, and after that our team decided to open and expand it to individuals that excelled from different industries. So yes, we are not just a business magazine but a leadership magazine.

Staying true to our vision, we believe that leadership is by example, after all, actions speak great volumes. We recognize individuals with leadership qualities namely, discipline, integrity, courage, and most of all compassion. Rising Tigers wants to show everyone there is a place where leaders are known, and that they are not alone in their own noble pursuits. 

We all need heroes, to bring hope to those with the same dream, aspirations, and goals as us, and make them believe that greatness can indeed be achieved. Our theme tonight is called beyond leadership because it is not limited in our works but how we touched the lives of others that would still continue on to the next generation. You are all brought together tonight in this room because of one mission and it's to share your stories with our countrymen.

According to World Bank Organization, The Philippines was once called one of Asia's Rising Tiger because of the rapid growth of our economy, despite global uncertainties and it's all because of our nation-builders and emerging leaders, such as yourselves.

May this recognition serve as a symbol and reminder that you have helped bridged excellent service and opportunities to our fellow Filipinos and that through your work, will continue to help people in finding fulfillment in their careers and in service. That is beyond leadership, being able to share your greatness to others.

 After tonight,  together with our leaders, partners, and friends.  Let's prove to them, the world, who is still Asia’s Rising Tiger.

Thank you all and have a wonderful evening.

Andria Terese Nicolas


Rising Tigers Magazine

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