Woman leader makes it a mission to advance financial inclusion


Despite the modernization of the economy and society, conversations on finances and credit remain uncommon, but Pia Arellano hopes to change that. Since taking the helm as President and CEO for TransUnion Philippines some five years ago, Arellano has devoted herself to advancing credit literacy and financial inclusion, and ultimately, improving the lives of Filipinos at large. She was earlier named one of the Women of Substance by business and lifestyle magazine Rising Tigers.


“Just mentioning the words finance, credit or loans can unnerve many Filipinos, especially those raised to be extra cautious about money management. But in a country where around 51 million adults still lack access to formal credit or banking accounts, these are topics we need to bring into the mainstream of public dialogue,” said Arellano.


Credit literacy and financial inclusion are not merely about understanding credit. They are about wielding the power to access opportunities made possible by responsible lending. And on a greater scale, building a nation of well-informed citizens confidently making sound financial decisions.

Historically, achieving financial inclusion could be challenging with the lack of digitalization, technologies and expertise. “Ten years ago, TransUnion didn’t exist in the Philippines, so it could be challenging for lenders to have an informed view of a consumer’s genuine identity and creditworthiness. Today, TransUnion plays an important role in bridging that gap.” Arellano said she and her team have made it their mission to make trust possible by empowering businesses to make informed decisions, and ultimately, enabling consumers to achieve great things. She believes that is the power of financial inclusion.

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