UNMASKED: The Heart of LITRO Babies Philippines

I have witnessed one great story, a mother’s unwavering love for her son, a very sick baby boy, who was barely 6 months old then. A story illustrating how a mother’s love brought rippling effects of hope and transformation to other people’s lives.


From untiringly seeking help to raise funds for an immediate liver transplant for her son in 2015 to being the founder of LITRO Babies Philippines, a foundation helping parents of Biliary Atresia (BA) babies get through their journey fighting the dreaded infant disease, this mother has emerged to be the guiding light to many people’s lives. 

Jenny Sumalpong, LITRO Babies Philippines Founder

Indeed, her story deserved to be told... to inspire and to instill hope in our hearts. This is the story of Jenny Sumalpong.


In 2014, Jenny Sumalpong’s world was turned upside down when her son Kal-el was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare and severe liver disease affecting newborns and infants. We became acquainted with Jen through Kal-el’s father, who happened to be my workmate. 


Jenny with her baby Kal-el... Notice Kal-el's yellow color, jandice is one of the symptoms of  BA

With Kal-el’s life hanging in the balance, Jenny embarked on a seemingly impossible mission to raise the 4 million pesos required for his liver transplant. Why is it seemingly impossible?  Because back then, in Jen’s words, she said, “I don’t even have ten thousand!” and time is of the essence. Kal-el need to be operated on as soon as possible for a higher chance of survival.


And Jen was determined to make it happen! 


Biliary atresia is a rare and severe liver disease that affects newborns and infants. In extreme cases, a costly Kasai procedure or a Liver transplant is needed to survive the disease. As advised by the doctors, they will need 4 million pesos for Kal-el to have a liver transplant. Aside from this, a “matched” liver donor must be available. Jen readily volunteered and submitted herself for a test. She qualified. 


A mother’s selflessness is a testament to her love, putting her child’s needs above her own without hesitation.


Liver donor checked! But the 4M was still a big question mark! Jen started sourcing out for help. She barrages all her social media accounts with postings about Kal-el’s condition. They even went to radio stations rallying support from all walks of life. Baby Kal-el Superman shirts were also produced to raise additional funds. Not a single day was wasted. We all helped in all possible ways we could, from selling the shirts to soliciting. But still not enough, far from the 4M mark! 

Given the gravity of the situation and the race against time, the couple and baby Kal-el were presented before the student body in one of our school gatherings. The objective is to find connections to any foundation that can help them. Biliary Atresia and the urgency of Kal-El’s case were explained. 

One of Kal-el's angel, student Lyca Balita

One of the students in the audience went home affected and shared the story with her family over dinner. She asked her dad if they could sell their car so that they could extend help for the baby. Having access to the media by the nature of his work, the father agreed to help by connecting the couple to possible sponsors and donors. This paved the way to the completion of the 4M funds needed for the operation. The once almost close-to-impossible objective has come into reality. Help came. Government officials and private citizens alike responded to the call for help to save Baby Kal-el. 

Some of Kal-el's Super Heroes...



Through the collective efforts of countless individuals, government officials, and private citizens, the 4-million-peso goal was achieved. Kal-el’s life-saving operation took place in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan, on May 13, 2015. Jenny’s liver donation and the power of community support ensured the success of the procedure.


This year, Kal-el has celebrated his 8th liver-sary and has transformed into a lively 9-year-old super kid, a testament to the power of love and determination.

Kal-el, Baby Superman
9th Bday of Kal-el


Jenny could have opted to live privately after the successful operation of her son to rest and regain strength, but she decided otherwise. She said, in their fight against Biliary Atresia, many people have extended help to her baby. It is her time to give back! She believes that the cycle of helping each other must continue.  

Fueled by her determination and armed with her experiences, Jenny established LITRO Babies Philippines, to unselfishly share her time, effort, and resources with other BA parents. 

LITRO, which stands for LIver Transplant Operation, is the first organization of its kind  dedicated to supporting families fighting against Biliary Atresia. Thanks to the generous and benevolent help of the sponsors and donors whom Jen had known since their own BA journey, the foundation has been instrumental in the recovery of more than 200 babies to date. 

LITRO Babies Philippines, BA Babies
LITRO Babies Philippines has helped more than 200+ babies... and counting 

Beyond financial aid, the foundation offers emotional support to parents, guiding their path to wellness. Jen’s passion for helping others extends beyond BA babies, as she goes the extra mile to raise funds for other infants in need.


LITRO Babies Philippines also consistently do gift-giving, especially during Christmas and Kal-El’s Bday in May, sharing with others all the blessings they have been receiving, like milk for infants and babies, medicines, diapers, and much more. LITRO beneficiaries are grateful for these kind gestures of Jen.

During one gift-giving activity with Erwin Tulfo, one of the regular donor of LITRO Babies Philippines

If Kal-el is baby Superman, I often refer to Jen as the “wonder(woman)” Mom! Against all odds, she emerged triumphant. The battle has been won, and her persistence, drive, and determination to make things possible and get things done played a crucial role in this battle. 


Her unwavering faith in God and the constant support from people who love her son and believe in her fuel her strength to face challenges head-on. Despite the hardships, she remains steadfast in her commitment to her son and the families LITRO Babies Philippines assists. 


“Humuhugot ako ng lakas Kay GOD.. This is my calling and ramdam ko na di nya ako pababayaan sa laban ko for my son and for my LitroBabies. The more tumatagal ang Litro, the more dumadami ang nagtitiwala. At isa sa kinukunan ko ng lakas ay ang mga taong nagmamahal sa anak ko at mga taong buo ang tiwala sakin.” Jen said when asked where is she getting all the strength to move forward despite the many challenges along the way.


"For my fellow BA warriors, laban lang at tiwala kay God..everything has a purpose in our lives. God is always with us. And to all the generous and benevolent sponsors and donors of the babies, sana mas lalo pa kayong biyayaan ni God para mas makakahelp pa po kayo at salamat sa tiwala. Makakaasa po kayo na hinding hindi ko sisirain ang tiwala na ibinibigay ninyo..God bless us All.. I am FOREVER GRATEFUL to all of you.” Jen concluded.

Jenny Sumalpong’s story is a testament to the power of a mother’s love turned into an inspiring force of change for the world. From saving her son’s life to founding LITRO Babies Philippines, she has become an inspiring leader and a beacon of hope for families facing the challenges of Biliary Atresia.


We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill

Let us all be reminded that inspiration can be found in anyone of us, not only from the rich and famous but from stories of ordinary people achieving extraordinary feats. And may Jen’s story help us all to face life’s trials with unwavering hope, optimism, and perseverance.  

This story is an entry to COMCO Mundo’s “UNMASKED: The COMCO Mundo Write to Ignite Season 3”.  The initiative aims to pull and collate powerful stories from the Philippine blogging communities. “UNMASKED” aims to explore how each mask is a person brimming with hope and wonders to share with others, as well as why it is important to tell their inspiring journeys in life. The “Write to Ignite” Season 3 is made possible by COMCO Mundo League of Enterprises, with airasia, Babyflo, PHILUSA Corporation, Century Tuna, Licealiz, Lamoiyan Corporation, Rémy Martin, and Uratex Monoblock as brand partners.

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