Allianz PNB Life Recognized For Workplace Excellence and CSR Campaigns


Workplace culture is integral to an organization’s success, as it helps promote employee performance, productivity, and engagement. A strong, positive culture that promotes company values motivates everyone to do their best work.

Working together towards unified goals to support its mission to secure the Filipino future has enabled Allianz PNB Life (AZPNBL) to focus on providing the best possible financial journey experience to its clients, which contributes to its strong year-on-year performance. The company’s strong performance is not only evident in its financial results but also in its people capital.

Making Work-Life Balance Possible

As a testament to its commitment to promote an engaging and positive workplace culture, Allianz PNB Life was recently recognized in several categories of the HR Excellence Awards, which honors the best-in-class HR teams and individuals, for their ground-breaking and impactful work executed across the entire HR function to champion the way forward.

AZPNBL won two Gold Awards at the HR Excellence Awards – Excellence in Workforce Flexibility and Excellence in Workforce Mobility – a recognition of the company’s effective response to harness digital tools and offer streamlined and timely services to its clients and employees. As it is cognizant that work culture and attitude are ever-evolving and that workers’ attitudes and behaviour toward work must be taken into consideration to bring out the best in them, the company was able to match their passions with their responsibilities, to show respect to their right to dignity of work, while maintaining a proper balance of achieving organizational goals and targets through proper and responsible work.

As such, AZPNBL laid the groundwork for its employees to have the choice and be flexible in the manner in which they can do their work. With proper guidance in adhering to pre-pandemic principles from HR and their line managers, employees can choose when, where, and how they can do their work, while maintaining a high quality of output and a results-based measurement system that assures that goals are met.

Enabling empowerment through crisis management

As AZPNBL shifted to hybrid ways of working, it is also important to mitigate and handle risks both in real life and online. The company won a Bronze Award for Excellence in Crisis Management Planning through its Allianz PNB Life Protection and Resilience program, which focuses on building safety and protection of the company’s “software” and “peopleware”.

Communication materials promoted cyber-safety, with regular training and seminars on disaster preparedness for employees and Life Changers. These utilized creative and practical ways of building capacities of AZPNBL employees so that they will be up-to-date on cybersecurity issues, and be equipped with basic knowledge on handling emergency situations during natural disasters.

Building a CSR culture

As the company continues its robust growth in the industry, it also reaches out to communities to promote inclusivity and sustainability with several impactful campaigns through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs. The Ride Safe initiative, which promotes cycling as a mode of transportation in four major cities within Metro Manila, won a Silver recognition from the HR Excellence Awards and Most impactful CSR Initiative at the Insurance Asia Awards 2023.

Aside from helping clients achieve their financial goals, AZPNBL encourages them to build a better tomorrow and secure their future through various sustainability initiatives that are geared not just for its clients, but also its communities.

AZPNBL partnered with public and private organizations to promote biking as a healthy and sustainable form of transport, and to supply biking infrastructure and education. Aside from projects that included installing artful bike racks, a solar-powered cyclist pit stop, and a bike lane along a major thoroughfare, it has expanded to include a livelihood component by offering bike maintenance repair training for SOS Children’s Village Kaagapay program participants from Iloilo, Cebu, and Tacloban.

The Seeds of Tomorrow project, which also won an award at the Insurance Asia Awards 2023 for Most Creative Campaign focused on sustainability and food security. Through this project, Allianz Protect policyholders were given the opportunity to contribute a percentage to the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines’ (WWF-PH) Food Shed Farming Enterprise Project.

Along with its strong performance in the industry, these CSR activities have helped create awareness and build credibility and trust for AZPNBL among Filipinos. Allianz PNB Life Chief Marketing Officer Gino Riola says, “Our vision is to Secure the Future of Filipinos not only through our innovative products and services that are designed to meet lif

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