Coffee with cookies? Here’s a delicious combo from two well-loved brands

Remarkable achievements often arise from successful collaborations. This truth is evident in the seamless teamwork of talented artists who join forces to craft the beloved songs and movies we cherish. Similarly, within the realm of fashion, brands regularly engage in unexpected partnerships, aiming to deliver fresh and captivating experiences for their customers.

The significance of collaboration extends beyond the realms of art and style; it is equally pivotal in our academic and professional pursuits. Collaborative efforts not only enhance efficiency but also serve as catalysts for the generation of innovative ideas through mutual inspiration. While dedicated focus on tasks is crucial, it's essential to incorporate breaks for rejuvenation. An enjoyable way to make these breaks more refreshing is by indulging in a delightful coffee blend, such as the Great Taste Cream-O.

Great Taste Cream-O is a delicious collaboration between two well-loved brands: Great Taste offers its signature “aromanamnam” taste, while Cream-O adds a layer of deliciousness with its real cookie crumbles. It is a unique coffee-cookie mix that’s great for those who are looking for a delicious drink to enjoy during their break time.

Great Taste Cream-O comes in a compact twin sachet pack, for only P15.00 (SRP), so you can carry a pack with you and quickly whip up a delicious drink to enjoy your break times with your classmates or colleagues.

University students enjoy breaks with Great Taste Cream-O

To give students an enjoyable experience at school, Great Taste shared its newest coffee blend to select universities in Manila. Its first stop was at the Mapua University Manila last January 23, 2024, where Great Taste Cream-O set up an exciting booth with a 360-degree photo and video booth they could visit in between classes, and make memories while enjoying Great Taste Cream-O with their blockmates. Making the moment even more enjoyable for the students, the brand collaborated with one of the University’s dance groups, and a guest influencer, to entertain guests with an energetic dance number.

For students looking to add flavor-sarap to their coffee and make their breaktimes more enjoyable, this is your chance to get your Great Taste Cream-O fix. Watch out as Great Taste might make a stop at your university in the coming weeks. Be sure to follow Great Taste Coffee on Facebook for more updates and information.

Here’s a brand collaboration that you wouldn’t want to miss: Great Taste Cream-O, a coffee mix that offers the signature “aromanamnam” goodness of Great Taste coffee and the yummy cookie crumbles of Cream-O

Guest social media content creators joined the fun during Great Taste Cream-O’s stop at Mapua University Manila

Students enjoyed fun activities at the Great Taste Cream-O booth in Mapua University Manila

Great Taste Cream-O booth at Mapua University Manila

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