Monitor your vital signs in realtime, 24/7... Meet HELO

Say hello to HELO...

A health monitoring device HELO is now available in the Philippines. HELO is a fitness tracker smart wristband that you can wear 24/7 to monitor your vital signs real-time, providing data that can be used to improve your lifestyle choices leading to a healthier well-being and physical condition, and better life.

Helo is equipped to monitor your blood pressure, breath rate, heart rate, and ECG. It has fitness functionality to record your number of steps, distance and calories burned. It monitors your mood and levels of fatigue. 

During emergencies, simply press the *Panic Button located on the side, to send a text message indicating your GPS location coordinates to all your preset SOS numbers. 

Change the way you live!

available in 4 vibrant colors.

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