DLSL Multimedia Arts Students to Host Convention on Innovation and Design

Multimedia and Design enthusiasts, here's something you might not want to missed! Listen, Learn , Be Inspired and Collaborate !!!

The senior students of De La Salle Lipa will conduct the 3rd annual Multimedia, Arts, and Design (MAD) Summit with the theme, “Innovation and Sustainable Design: Facets of Responsible Artistry”. Through this scholastic, cutting-edge, and exciting two-day conference, participants will get to learn from top-notch subject matter experts while networking with peers from different fields of Multimedia, Arts, and Design.

Communication and Multimedia Arts students, teachers, professionals, interest groups, and others willing to learn about sustainable design, innovation (in business and the arts) and multimedia arts are invited to join the said convention. It will feature DLSL alumni speakers and professionals to share their knowledge, experience and portfolios in the multimedia, art, and design industry. 

Simultaneously, there will also be two days of photo/video exhibits that will display the latest works of various Lasallian artists. Take note: Day 1 (April 24) is exclusive to Lasallians, while Day 2 (April 25) is open to the public.

MAD summit 2K17 will be featuring the following speakers:

Day 1 Speakers

Gillian Maricon Tolentino
Freelance Illustrator/ Children’s Book Artist/Graphic Arts Reviewer

She worked with companies such as Cognission Corp, Uzuri Designs, Clever Computing and many more, providing them illustrations and graphics they needed. In CCE, she works as a graphic arts reviewer of children e-books in the graphic arts department.

Jerome Antonio
Video editor/Colorist

Jerome works at XS Multimedia, treats himself as a living canvas due to his inks (tattoos). A fan of extreme sports, music, art and culture, he is enthusiastic in creating a new perspective in every video and is brutally creative.

Merille Jelline Medina
Graphic Designer

Merille designs marketing collaterals, ads, and billboards for different teams across the globe. Her designs have been printed and put up in countries in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East. She's still with the Oxford Business Group but now she's also doing freelance design work for different companies in the UAE.

Roan Contreras
Indie Game Developer

Roan is an indie game developer for almost 10 years, since the summer of 2008. He creates video games, as inspired by other indie games, and by looking into the gap in the industry. Aside from being an indie game developer, He is also a photographer, and a digital artist.

Romejohn Maramo
Digital News Gathering Specialist of ABS-CBN (TV Patrol)

He was the Director of Video Production of De La Salle Lipa's iMedia (2012 - 2014) and was awarded with the Best Print PSA in Print Category of Adspeak 2014. He served as an intern at the Creative Solutions of Summit Media. He was a Former Graphic Designer at HIBU (Philippines) Private Limited Inc. and currently the Digital News Gathering Specialist of ABS-CBN (TV Patrol)

Soraya Danica Dimayuga

She did freelance SEO content writing and meta data work for international websites. After graduation, she worked as a technical SEO writer and meta data specialist at Sci5 Development, Inc., in Makati.
She's juggling two jobs on a daily basis after being invited a month ago to team up with Frankly Organised, an Australian business consulting agency in Sydney, Australia where she curates articles, does graphic design, collaborates with suppliers from Mainland China, does research, conducts company meetings, and builds strategies for the company.

Day 2 Speakers

International renowned painter /Professional Photographer

A.G. is a world renowned and multi-awarded artist who has painted more than 500 murals in 10
countries depicting peace and environment. He is a conservationist who has been involved in marine
research since the year 2000, and a founding member of Balyena.org, a non-profit group focused on
marine mammal research and conservation in the Philippines.

Chris Egan Roxas
CEO and Chief Creative Director

Founding CEO and Chief Creative Director of the XS Group comprised of XS Multimedia, XS by XS Southeast Asia, XS Multimedia Singapore, VRC Architectural Firm and We The Pvblic.

Jourdan Sebastian
Chief Evangelist Officer of Taclob,

The Dreamer, is an independent Filipino Spoken Word artist, director, executive producer, writer, actor, filmmaker, beat poet, acting coach, creative director, music video director and neo-ilustrado movement proponent. He is also the author of the Dreamer Manifesto.

John Raymond Bumanglag
Illustrator Graphic Designer
John Ray is an illustrator and graphic designer from Baguio City and is currently working at TeamManila Graphic Design Studio.

Vernon James Manlapaz
3D Animator

Vernon James is a 3D Animation and VFX Manager at Animaticmedia in Burbank, California. He was always fascinated with Movie Effects and telling stories through visuals, merging art and technology together.

Engr. Aisa Mijeno
CEO and Co-founder of SALt

Engr. Aisa , the CEO and Co-Founder of Sustainable Alternative Lighting (SALt), developed an electrochemical LED lamp that runs on saltwater and can charge low-power mobile devices.

Why Join MAD Summit?
  • Enhance your skills and knowledge with over 12 professional speakers, you are in for a mind-stimulating feast.
  • Networking/Collaboration, Meet and connect with other MAD enthusiasts.
  • Thought leadership, Get ready to be inspired by engaging speakers.

Visit MAD Summit 2k17’s Facebook page for more details: https://www.facebook.com/madsummit2k17/

Walk-ins are also accepted. Ticket price for walk-ins is at Php600 (professionals) and Php500 (students). Early bird ticket (registration until April 22) price is at Php450 (for students) and Php500 (for professionals).

For inquiries, contact Apryll at 09971260021 or Hertzl at 09354094832. You may also email madsummit2017@gmail.com.

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