OMF Lit Book Tour: Better Than Jewels & Found: Letters of Lov, Life and God!

My Saturday was complete. I met face to face two awesomely amazing individuals at CCF PCBS. I went there to attend the last leg of the Book Tour of Ms, Rica Peralejo Bonifacio and Ms. Isa Garcia, authors of “Better Than Jewels” and “Found: Letters of Love, Life and God” respectively, published and distributed by OMF Literature.

Being there early (I allotted ample time for miscalculations coz’ I’m not that familiar in the area) worked to my advantage. I was able to get a glimpse of the 2 books and read some parts of it before the program started.

I am impressed with the presentation of both books. Format and attack are different.
Let’s take a look at “Better than Jewels first:

“Better than Jewels” is an inspirational and devotional book and yet it is not boring to read. Font size, color and type is pleasant and light. Content is clearly broken down to different focus points every month and reflection topics are intended to be read weekly (but you may go through it on your own pace). Since it’s already June and June is my birth month, I immediately checked said part of the book. The Chapter title is “Know the Father”, the only month of the book written by Ms. Rica’s husband, Joseph.

One of the June topics, showing 4 parts

Each topic has 4 parts:  (1) A Bible verse, (2) REFLECT, the author’s experiences, real struggles and insights, (3) RESPOND - questions for you to answer and/or suggested activities to make, and (4) REST IN THE LORD – a prayer. There is also a blank page after every topic, for the reader to write down whatever comes to their minds, some sort of journalizing the journey!

When asked from where she got the title, Mrs. Bo simply replied, from....

Proverbs 8:10
“Take my instruction instead of silver, and knowledge rather than choice gold, for wisdom is better than jewels, and all that you may desire cannot compare to her”

Join Ms. Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio every week of the year in “Better than Jewels.” I screen-cap the contents for you to take a peek. The book is available for P425, in all OMF Literature and Passages bookshops nationwide, PCBS, National Bookstore branches.
A glimpse of the contents

The 2nd book, FOUND: Letters of Love, Life and God.

This book is a collection of love letters, written by the author Ms. Isa Garcia, addressed to different individuals fighting different battles, for me and for you, to make you feel that there is somebody out there who knows how you feel, understands your point and makes you feel you are not alone.

The book also has post card inserts, which you can detach, and use to mail to friends, with different quotes written on it, reviving the old but romantic way of keeping in touch. And these are the two of my favorites:

One of her letters entitled Proof,  is meant for “the girl wrestling with the pain of her past”, and her closing says, “with love, the girl who knows that you are more.” Her insights here would make the reader accept the flaws and imperfections of life, that pain is necessary but you are definitely greater than your pain.

I suggest you get a copy of the book and go through it to fully understand what I am trying to share. It’s worth it!  She was able to verbalize in her letters real struggles that we experience in life.  She has put in her letters lots of depth and wisdom. Based on what I felt when I read one of the letters, her objective was met!  It’s as if I am getting an advice from a real close friend, a concerned friend in particular.

Here's a glimpse too of the contents:

By the way, I got the chance to talk to her before the program started and I learned that the letters in this book was written long before in her blog, no idea yet during that time that in the future, it will be published as a book. Her letters now finds its way to reach more people, God’s way of reaching to us too!

Found: Letters of Love, Life and God is also available in all OMF Literature and Passages bookshops nationwide, PCBS, National Bookstore branches, @ P550 only.

I am very thankful that I was given the chance to cover this event as a representative of Light Network, together with Ms. Armi. The afternoon was full of the Love of our Lord, evident in the worships songs, excerpts and passages readings performed by the OMF group and most especially, by the own insights shared by the two shining ladies of the hour, Ms. Rica and Ms. Isa! Congratulations! 

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