Tasted one of the Best Paella Ever!

One Fine Paella Night in the BGC area (Libertine Bar)!

Eduardo "Ditto" Lesaca with his Paella Valenciana and Paella Negra
...Awesome and fulfilling…. to our stomachs! Thanks to Mr. Eduardo “Ditto” Lesaca for having us taste his very own special creations, paella valenciana and paella negra.

Both were so good. You would not want to just pick one of them. I got half of each on my plate. 

Paella Valenciana is the traditional paella with chicken and seafood. Paella Negra, by it’s name is black, blackened maybe by the squid ink, with the usual Large prawns and squid rings as toppings. And this one comes with a white sauce.

photo credits: www.facebook.com/paelladitto/
Ditto’s Paella is an authentic Spanish Paella traditionally slow-cooked, without shortcuts, over a glowing hot charcoal fire, served in a paellera. 

He got the recipe from his mother Carmen Guidote Lesaca who in turn got it from her father Alfredo Guidote, so Ditto’s Paella is a 3-generation old family legacy, well-loved by family and friends, now shared commercially to the public :)

There are so many things that make Ditto’s paella different from the rest. First that we noticed is the generous toppings of Laaaaaarge Prawns, Squid, Chicken, Egg & CHorizo, it almost covered the entire rice surface. There’s no shellfish on it, unless the customer would specify. By the way, Ditto is open to customizing his paella toppings based on customer’s request.

He uses good quality fresh ingredients. He personally takes care of getting his ingredients from the market early hours in the morning to ensure the freshness and quality.

So Paella lovers, try Ditto’s, you will definitely like it! It’s pricey, yes, but it’s worth it!  Repeat orders from long time customers is more than enough proof of its worthiness!

For orders:
Call 0918.96.DITTO (34886) or 0917.5191.777
24-hrs lead time for off peak season. 

To know more about Ditto's Paella, visit his www.facebook.com/paelladitto/

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