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Are you in your 20-30s but look more like 40? Although you’re working inside an air-conditioned room with all its comforts, it feels like your job is at a minefield. It’s “city stress,” and it makes us look and feel older.

It begins a day before, you bring home an unwanted company called ‘stress’ and it won’t leave you. In fact, he sleeps with you and you dream of him. He might pretend to leave, but he leaves you with insomnia.

Unwanted company
By morning, you’re running late and barely ate breakfast. Then you take a late lunch without fruits or vegetables. By the time you get back home, you’re too tired to exercise and would rather do Facebook to relax your mind – you never do because you have tired feet and the usual migraine.  It’s a vicious cycle.

The only solution you could think is that dream vacation for a week or moving to a new job. However, your friend ‘stress’ seems to have moved-in with you, and you can’t even divorce him.

Science has a name for stress and it’s called cortisol. Technically, cortisol is good for the body. It can give you bursts of energy and heighten your focus. Think of them as “personal body guards,” you may need them but too much of it can overcome you.

Weight, heart, and sugar problems
Exposure to prolonged stress can lower the immune system and make you sick. If this happens frequently, you may begin to experience skin problems such as psoriasis, blurry eyes, elevated blood sugar and even weight problems.

Prolonged stress like depression and fatigue affects metabolism and make you gain weight.  There’s also stress-eating that does the job much faster. It can also lead to enhanced blood pressure responses and diabetes (Source: NCBI Stress and metabolism -

Call center job?
Most stressful people are those who work in a call center during night shift. Call agents at many times unknowingly absorb the demands of stressful callers.

The only way to do this is to relax for longer periods of time. If this is not possible, you can take natural ingredients to control or reduce stress.

A study in LifePharm Institute was designed to ascertain the effect of nutritional supplements on cortisol levels. During the experiment, 28 subjects, 16 women and 12 men, between the ages of 36 and 83 took part in the study.

Overall, the participants’ cortisol levels were reduced by an average of 23.7 percent, where 16 started on a higher intake of Laminine (a unique protein supplement extracted from a fertilized avian egg) four capsules, twice a day—and 12 started on one capsule twice per day.

Watch this video: Overcoming the Stress Hormone

A 23% reduction of cortisol levels in individuals after 12 days of taking Laminine, says Dr. Bjodne Eskeland, a foremost egg nutritionist.

Imagine taking this type of protein for longer periods of time. No wonder that chicken eggs is dubbed as the ‘gold standard of nutrition’ and there are testimonies that claims such.

Of course, Laminine Supplement is not your ordinary eggs for breakfast. Its protein ingredient and unique process is done through a Hygienic Evaporative Cooling system that produces FGF2. (Source: What is Laminine -

Lucy So @ 50
“This egg extract also did wonders for my skin. I have more energy and focus, it’s the positive side effect of having a stress-free life,” says Lucy So, Laminine user and one of Althea Distributor’s team leader, that promotes a healthy lifestyle. “It actually delays aging when you think about it,” she added.

Who knew that extracts from a fertilized avian egg has this benefit to regulate stress, eggs anyone?

Benefits of Laminine

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