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Generation Z, it is your time, your place (John15.Rocks)

The 102M population of the Philippines indicates that Generation Z (those born between 2000 to 2015 on average estimate) are approximately 35% of the total population. It’s a big number which is good news because we need more of them to make this country great.

Before the US became a great nation, they had a great (spiritual) awakening. The industrial revolution carried with it the name of Jesus and praying publicly was a norm.  America sent thousands of missionaries all over the world to teach biblical morals. They believed that all blessings come from God and their leaders made sure each citizen know this by heart - “In God we trust,” they were conservative.

Times have changed. Most Americans actively pursue ‘extreme tolerance’, that ‘no tolerance is actually tolerated’. From the ‘great awakening’ to the ‘great fallacy’.

The enemy within
Having a strong youth force is good for the country, especially now that being traditional or conservative is said to be the newcounterculture. The youth should veer away from what the west calls liberty in form of extreme tolerance, when it fact its moral degradation.

There is an enemy who will attempt to snatch your children, your friend, or classmate. Their most effective tool is the social media, YouTube, and internet pornography. If the enemy can’t make you an atheist, they will turn you into agnostics, in the face of liberalism.

Agnosticism is rising and the notoriety of the Muslim extremists is pushing the enemy’s agenda, that there is no one true God. However, there is extreme hope, there has always been.

Christians can make a difference by intentionally helping others and doing actively what Jesus commanded – ‘Love one another.’

Help us reach out
This is what John15.Rocks hopes to accomplish, to reach out to the millennials, generation Z, and their parents who needs help, prayers, counseling, and equipping.

There are many Christian church activities that are practical and beneficial to the society, but few have access to it.

Help us campaign for good morals, values, and provide an avenue of support to those who have emotional or moral struggles.  We need online counsellors – we need onlinemissionaries.

Be part of the school club mission, volunteer
John15.Rocks wants to help and equip students in their values formation and academic excellence. This can be done through the John15.Rocks School Club on the pipeline, but they need volunteers to help and mentor students.

John15 Rocks Club have collaborated with the Crossroads curriculum (Campus Crusade), that will teach students Values Formation & Alternative Learning System (ALS), that is DepEd recognized.

John15.Rocks –

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