A Psycho-horror film to watch out for, THE LEASE!

I was invited last week to join the story conference of an upcoming movie “The Lease,” which stars Garrie Concepcion (one of Laluna Sangre's Lobo) and Ruben Maria Soriquez. The movie’s plot is kinda different, but I cannot reveal anything right now..... Shooting has started and it’s expected to be completely finish by January 2018. This movie is definitely one strong competitor for foreign film festivals with a great plot under the hands of an equally great Italian Director, Paolo Bertola.

Get ready to be thrilled and horrified as Utmost Creatives, in partnership with Villa Nonita Tagaytay brings you “The Lease”, a psycho-horror film that will deliver a spine-tingling tale with a mind-blowing twist.

“The Lease” tells the story of the family of half-Filipino and half-Italian engineer Romano Gonzales played by Ruben Maria Soriquez, who moved to a new house with his family for a very big project. The beauty of the house captured the heart of the family, and there’s a strange feeling that the house was really meant for them. Soon, their beautiful home turned into a living nightmare as each and every one of them is haunted by the unknown. The family will uncover a terrifying secret that will change their lives.

Garrie Concepcion plays the lead role of Clara Gonzales, the wife of Romano. This is actually my first movie as lead [actress].” According to her."Thank you so much, this is the best birthday and Christmas gift for me.”

"The LEASE" lead stars Garrie Concepcion and Ruben Maria Soriquez
During the story conference, Ruben shares that “The Lease” will also be his first ever horror film. “I haven’t done many horror film as an actor. I’m very excited. I know the expertise of Paolo in directing a horror [film] so I’m pretty confident that this will be a very good movie.”
The executive producer of the film is Mario Alaman, who also came up with the story. “The Lease” is directed by Paolo Bertola, who made many horror movies internationally. “I like horror so much. I made action and fantasy movie too. I am a director but I have strong background in making visual effects. Normally in all the movies that I did, there are lots of effects and animation,” says Paolo.

The Director, Paolo Bertolo

Mario Alaman, Executive Producer narrates how he came up with the story "The Lease"
“This will be different” says Edmund Santiago the associate director and will also play the role of Ernesto Gonzales, the brother of Romano. “Dumating na yung tala ng bawat isa. Everyone deserves to be recognize in their craft and talent.”

Whether you’re a fan of the spooky tales or a movie goer craving for mind-blowing plot, a family drama with psycho-horror plot movie like “The Lease” is for you. “The Lease” will be screened internationally targeting the month of January, 2018.   

For more information about the movie, visit  https://www.facebook.com/TheLeaseVillaNonita/

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