Converge ICT launches Converge FAST internet!

Being in the IT industry for quite some time now, I experienced all sorts of internet platforms and users as well. From the dedicated dial up to DSL to wireless to FIBER, i have tried them all. FIBER rules in terms of internet speed... but fiber is EXPENSIVE.

Did you know that a 2mbps dedicated fjber from the leading telecoms would cost you more or less 19k monthly? A 4mbps would cost you around 29k.

But Converge ICT has good news for us all. Converge makes fiber connection more affordable to the business community now... with their latest offering….. the Converge FAST!

Why get a dedicated fiber with a speed of 2mbps only while you can get a Converge FAST 20mbps for only P6000? If guaranteed bandwidth is your consideration... let's do the math.  The FAST offer of Converge gives you a minimum 30% of its advertised speed... that means you will get a minimum of 6mbps for 20mbps subscription, paying only P6000, way way below the dedicated fiber 4mbps 29k. (I reiterated “minimum” but you can get up to 20mbps)

Converged just launched last November 28, 2017, its latest pure fiber internet offering that targets the business sector, particularly those with multi-branch operations.

Converge FAST effectively combines the best benefits offered by DSL and Metro Ethernet connections, two of the most traditional business internet connections today.

This new offering by Converge ICT that runs on a pure fiber internet network helps optimize businesses with its high bandwidth and performance, total security, with low latency, highly scalable, simple and flexible.

Best of all, Converge FAST is low cost, and offers 99.7% SLA, making it the most advanced yet competitively priced private network solution in the Philippines today.

According to Converge ICT Solutions Chief Operating Officer, Jesus “Boboy” Romero, among the target markets for Converge FAST include banks, retail stores, distribution companies, food and beverage, information technology, government, transportation and logistics, plus energy and utilities. They commit to make customers experience better when it comes to their internet connectivity, the lifeline of businesses today.

Here’s Converge FAST packages:

2mbps @ P2,500 per month
5mbps @ P3,500 per month
10mbps @ 4,000 per month
20mbps @ P 6,000 per month

Optimize your business now...Go FAST

Contact Converge now at For more information about Converge, please visit

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About Converge:

Converge ICT, Inc, started its business in 1992 and was already granted a congressional franchise. The company has many Tier 1 international peering partners to ensure fast and reliable connectivity. It also partnered with top domestic peering partners such as PLDT and Globe and currently has the 3rd largest internet backbone in the country to help further improve the internet experience of Filipinos.

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