BUBBLE MAN, my new dishwashing liquid!

I get to learn of another dishwashing liquid brand thru the Bloggers Philippines Get Together Christmas Party last Dec. 21.  Bubble Man. It was one of the items inside the loot bag which everyone got as give away. I happen to win another one during the raffle.

Honestly, I have not heard of Bubble Man before the party. I thought it was an imported brand, it looks like one, look at the design and the bottle, it’s nice and appealing.

I started using Bubble Man 2 days after the party. We ran out of supply of the brand I am using,  _ _ _. I like this brand because I'm OC when it comes to washing dishes, I want something that can easily remove oil and grease. But I kept on trying other brands as well, hoping to save a little, but none of them satisfies me!

Not with this Bubble Man! I am completely S A T I S F I E D !  No greasy feeling, easy to rinse… the scent is also better! I diluted a quarter of it to 3 parts water. The 850ml bottle I got from the party is still up until now (it’s now Jan 10, 18 days of using it), look:

the smaller bottle contains the diluted Bubbleman solution...
Economical! It seems this would still be good for another 15 days! An 850ml bottle can last for more than 1 month!  I also noticed after 2 weeks of using it, it’s gentle to my hands!

My next question in mind is the price. I assumed it would be pricey as well. I checked on the supermarket and much to my surprise, it wasn’t!
the 850ml bottle

the 270ml bottle
Give this a try folks! Bubble Man can save you more money, time and effort!  I am now a proud shifter!  And by the way, it says in the label, it’s “bio-degradable”! So, what more can you ask for?

Bubble Man is a highly efficient, economical, environment-friendly, & a proudly Pinoy Dishwashing Liquid. It comes in 3 variants, kalamansi, lemon and antibac, and is available at all leading groceries & supermarkets nationwide.

Bubble Man is manufactured and distributed by Mikewell Corporation. For more information, visit and like their FB page, https://www.facebook.com/BubblemanPH/.

Thanks Bloggers Philippines, for paving the way to my newest cost-efficient  household partner :)  

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