Lola Deling's Tradition lives on with their delicious Atchara!

Got hold of a bottle of  Lola Deling’s Atchara courtesy of the UBP Thanksgiving Party last Sunday, January 7, 2018. Thanks Sir Eugene  for giving each of us a bottle of your delicious product. I tasted it right away and I can really vouch for its taste. The blend of sweet and sour taste is perfect. Reading the label, I found out, Lola Deling’s version uses organic coconut vinegar. They also added pineapple which could be one of the reason for the perfect blend of the sweet and sour taste. By the way, pineapple is good for our heart!

Atchara is a staple appetizer and popular side dish in the Philippines.  It goes perfect with fried and grilled dishes.  It is made from grated unripe papaya combined with carrots, ginger, bell pepper, onion and garlic seasoned with ground or whole pepper, and red pepper flakes mixed in a vinegar-sugar solution. Lola Deling’s uses organic coconut vinegar to make it even healthier!

Lola Deling’s Atchara is really a tradition kept in a bottle! They make sure that each bottle that goes to your household dining table carries the distinct sweet and sour taste they boast of. And not only will it spice up your every meal, you also get these Health Benefits.  Happy Tummy na, Healthy Body pa!
Lola Deling's atchara:
  • ·         Is a Superb source of antioxidants.
    ·         Aids in supply of probiotics or gut-friendly bacterias.
    ·         Is a Good source of essential vitamins and minerals.
    ·         Improves hemoglobin levels in diabetics.
    ·         Aids in protecting your Liver
    ·         Reduces ulcers.
Lola Deling’s Traditions Atchara comes in 2 variants, regular and spicy, only P150 for a 500g bottle.  Try it now! You will keep coming back for more, promise :)

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