Utmost Creatives’ The Lease is set to scare Filipino movie goers

Get ready to be thrilled and horrified as Utmost Creatives, in partnership with Villa NonitaTagaytay brings you “The Lease”, a psycho-horror film that will deliver a spine-tingling tale with a mind-blowing twist.

During the production team’s thanks giving party which was held at Gen Korean BBQ House located at Bldg J, Unit 1-16, SM By the Bay, Seaside Blvd, Mall of Asia Complex Pasay City, Producer and President of Utmost Creatives, Mr. Mario Alaman, unveiled his interest to submit The Lease as an entry for Pistang Pelikulang Pilipino, a nationwide week-long local film celebration organized by Film Development Council of the Philippines.

The entire cast of "The Lease" @ Gen Korean BBQ 
The Lease tells the story of the family of half Filipino and half Italian engineer Romano Gonzalez, played by Ruben Maria Soriquez , who moved to a new house with his family for a very big project. 
Ruben Maria Soriquez as the Italian Engineer
The beauty of the house captured the heart of the family, and there’s a strange feeling that the house was really meant for them. Soon, their beautiful home turned into a living nightmare as each and every one of them is haunted by the unknown. The family will uncover a terrifying secret that will change their lives.

According to Mr. Mario Alaman, the movie promises a satisfying plot and surprising twist. It really has a good twist. We made the story just to please the audience. Every character is well thought and have something to do with the revelation of the story.” He also shared that they are planning for a sequel. “Actually, we are planning to have sequel to this (The Lease) if the viewers would love the film,” Mario added.

Garie Concepcion played the lead role of Clara Gonzalez, the wife of Romano Gonzalez. Garie who admitted that it’s her first movie as lead actress, said, visualizing of the ghost is her most challenging part of playing her role.  

Direk Palo Bertola with the lead actor, Ruben Soriquez
Ruben Soriquez on the other hand assured it’s going to be a very scary movie. “People watch horror movies because they wanted to be scared. This film is very scary. This is something nice,” said Ruben.

The Lease is directed by Paolo Bertola. When asked about his experience working with Filipino casts and crews, he replied there’s no difference at all. “For me, there’s no difference. The actors are good. I don’t speak Tagalog so sometimes, I need help to explain the actor about the scene”.

Whether you’re a fan of spooky tales or a movie goer craving for mind-blowing plot, a family drama with psycho-horror plot movie like The Lease is for you.
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The Lease Cast
Production Crew
Ruben Maria Soriquez as ROMANO GONZALES
Mario Alaman-Executive Producer
Garie Concepcion as CLARA GONZALEZ
Paolo Bertola - Director
Edmund Dreu Santiago as ERNESTO GONZALES
Havie C. Aquino- Screenplay
Harvey Almoneda as ANTON GONZALES
Rebya V. Upalda- Line Producer
Edmund D. Santiago- Associate Producer
Lee Marvin Torres as FRANK
Alchito E. Espartero- Director of Photography
Bernard Laxa as CULPRIT 1
Miko Mel C. Penaloza- Assistant Director
AlirezaLibre as CULPRIT 2
SeverinoPascual- Production Manager
Boy Laguipoas MANG ADOR
Jim Gaines Jr. – Script Continuity/Screenplay/English Translator
Agnes Pabalan as MISS NONITA
Jose Rolly C. Zuniega – Focusfuller / Assistant Cameraman
Carmen Del Rosario- ALING PILAR
Rolly C. Zuniega - Gaffer
Princess Cruz- MAILA
Ofelia C. Barcena – Production Assistant
Don Gordon Bell- LOLO IGME
Amor Nina Jose- Assistant to the Production Designer
Reymark S.  Lafuerte- Wardrobe Head
Red Ibasco- AMANDA
JobrichoCalleja- Propsman
Phoebe Yap- KATHLEEN
Michelle D.L. Miranda- Make-Up Artist
Sean Andrew Guyamin- KEVIN
ShekinaArevaldo- Assistant Make-Up Artist/Prosthetics
KuyaManzano- PRIEST
Fernando Macantantan- Production Assistant/Assistant Gaffer
Mercidita Marasigan- DOCTOR
Efren Bernard Taguba- Production Assistant / Utility
Berna Cabrera- PSYCHIC HEALE
Salvador Drecho Jr. - Production Assistant / Utility

Steve Maximo Berasis Jr. - Production Assistant / Utility

Renan Regencia- Production Assistant / Utility

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