Landline users, switch to TELPAD now!

Have you heard of telpad? I'm sure you do.

Yes, it's the one being offered by PLDT in their smart bundle. It's in the commercial actually! If you are not yet using it.... think twice! It has many nice features beneficial for you and your family.

And why would you switch to smart UX TelPad from ordinary handset? Here are some of the reasons:

1. In existing landline telsets... you can only talk, no call history or contacts database. if you are using a high end handset, logs and contacts can be accommodated but it's liimited too.

2. It's the smart era now... take advantage of technology. Smart UX works like your smartphone, it's highly visual and always connected, so easy to use!

3. It's also a tablet. So you can browse and play games.

4. It is a perfect tool to monitor your family's healthcare. Body temperature and body weight composition can be taken and recorded. It can also store your famiy member's health record. You can even set alarms and advice.

5. It has family chat! Use it as Intercom inside your house, to instantly connect to your kids inside their bedrooms or elsewhere inside.

And the most important function of it all...

6. The Smart Home Control feature. You can connect your other IR based home appliances for monitoring and control through the Telpad and thru your mobile app (Home control client) if you are out of your home. Isn't that awesome? No more worries if you forgot your appliances like Smart TV and (A/C) Aircon among others, turned on while nobody's home....  That's cool!  

The Telpad User Screen (GUI)
The features are worth the small add-on to your monthly bill, an additional P599.  The new PLDT TelPad model MA7R is running with Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS,  Quad-core 1.6 GHz Processor, 2 GB memory with a 7" display screen. Camera is 5mp rear and 2mp in front.

And dont worry about setting it up, it's as easy as downloading and installing other mobile apps in the market. Talk to your PLDT account officer now for more details...

TELPAD is more than a handset and more than a tablet... it can be your SMART HOUSEHOLD COMPANION. Check it out!

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