Want Smart Life Anywhere, use SmartPage

Say goodbye to paper organizers, shift to SmartPage!

Whether you are a student, sales executive, or a CEO, you definitely need a journal to organize and keep track of your daily lives. We are used to writing down our schedules and meetings and ideas to a piece of paper or notebook, right?

Why not make it smarter now? Write it down in Smart Page instead.

Smart Page is another add-on gadget made available by PLDT to your current internet plan subscription... Just add P599, and a SmartPage will be yours to keep. It's running on Quad-core, 1.3 GHz Intel processor.

SmartPage is:

1. A Smart Planner - input, edit and monitor your schedule, be it personal, work-related or home-related.

2. A Smart Home Controller - An alternative to TelPad...  The SmartPage comes also with the Smart Home Controller. But of course, you can have both! To know more about SMart Home Controller, pls visit https://bitsandbytesandpieces.blogspot.com/2018/05/landline-users-switch-to-telpad-now.html

3. Smart Home Connect - Connect through 4G, PSTN or VOIP

4. Smart Entertainment - Though this comes to you as a personal organizer, all work and no play is not good for you. Play games to relax a bit using the SMartPage. Display is High Density, it will be nice to watch your favorite movies here.

5. Smart Capture - Take snap good quality photos with a 8mp rear and 2mp front camera.

6. Smart Presentation - You can also digitize and animate your posters, brochures and powerpoint presentations.

7. Just like the TelPad again, Smart Home Care is also available in Smart Page.

With all these features, you cannot go wrong getting this SmartPage as an add-on to your existing PLDT subscriptions. Smart Page will definitely make your life lighter and easier!

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