A trusted road assistance app launched, Motolite RES-Q app!

It was so cool. I was able to witness the launch of another new app in the market, “Motolite ResQ App,” an app that will give you peace of mind on the road….a first of its kind in the Philippines!

I experienced years back having been stuck on the road due to a battery problem. Motolite’s Express Hatid service saved us from trouble then. They came just in time and put us on the go again. From my childhood years also, with a family-owned jeepney and taxicab, my father depended on this ever reliable and trust-worthy battery brand too. 

Motolite is not only the Philippines’ undisputed leader in automotive, motorcycle, and industrial batteries, it is also one of the few Filipino manufacturing companies ranked number one in the automotive battery segment in foreign markets like Australia and Malaysia.

Not stopping from the Express Hatid Service, Motolite coined another innovative service for its clientele, the  Res-Q App, Motolite’s on demand 24/7 roadside assistance service, free to download via the Apps Store and Google Play.

Motolite’s Res-Q app services is not limited to solving BATTERY PROBLEMS alone, it may also be used if you experience FLAT TIRE, OVERHEATING or even if YOU RAN OUT OF GAS.  Definitely a very big help to local motorists, especially lady drivers out on the road. Launch the app and with just a few clicks, help is on the way.

“It is at the heart of Motolite’s branding to guarantee a worry-free driving experience to our clients especially in Metro Manila,” Motolite Vice-President Ricky Chan said. “And to do this means addressing the more common problems they may face on the road and the Motolite Res-Q app is one way to achieve that objective of giving our customers that ‘peace of mind’ while on the road.”

By the way, Res-Q services are free of charge if your vehicle is equipped with a Motolite battery.  You only need to pay for the replacement battery, coolant or fuel, whichever the case maybe.  You can even pay either thru cash or credit card.

What a great way of giving back to loyal Motolite customers… a worry-free driving experience in the Metro with the Res-Q app at the click of your fingertips!  

Motolite and the Lady Eagles

The best only go for the best!

Motolite’s role in sports development has been well documented and the brand has been a staunch supporter of motor sports, billiards, basketball, and of course, boxing, having supported multiple time world champion and now Senator Manny Pacquiao even when he was just a fledgling young boxer out of General Santos City.

Now, it’s Volleyball. And they chose the premiere team too, the Ateneo Lady Eagles. Why? 

Motolite’s VP Chan  shares, “The team has been performing very well, great in fact. These young ladies have proven their mettle against more seasoned teams and they have shown a resilience during end-game situations—they’ve yet to lose a five-setter match in this tournament. That’s why we’re quick to say that they’ve acquired our ‘Motolite Pangmatagalan’  brand attribute. We wish them well and hope they come out as number one by the end of the PVL Open Conference.”

The Motolite-Ateneo Lady Eagles have showed dominance the entire Premier Volleyball League Season 2 Open conference despite having a relatively young roster behind the inspired plays of UAAP Season 80 Best Setter Deanna Wong, Kat Tolentino, Maddie Madayag, team captain Bea De Leon, Ponggay Gaston and rookie Vanessa Gandler.

The Motolite Ateneo Lady Eagles

Coach Almadro has also been very grateful about how Motolite’s support of the team has truly inspired the players and the coaching staff.

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