Mendez, CaviteParadizoo, one of Zoomanity Group parks which is 12 hectares facility and under the CEO Robert Laurel Yupangco re-unfolds Power of Three, a floral, vegetable and agri-livestock festival from January to March 2019. This event aims to promote inclusive growth in the field of Agriculture, inviting over 20,000 studentsfarmers and other public and private sectors for FREE to focus and understand the benefits of growing agricultural sector in our country. Paradizoo will offer free seminars on flower, vegetable and livestock care will be given by different well-known educators and speakers of Agriculture sector.

According to Paradizoo business consultant, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas, “We need to have this kind of initiatives from the private sector. Nowadays, kids doesn’t want to be a farmer anymore though Philippine’s before is an agricultural country, not anymore, even Coco coir, we import it. We need to help the farmers and their children to see the opportunity and importance of farming. Paradizoo will also open an Agriculture Learning Institute with the help of the government that will give opportunity to younger generation to have a glimpse and proper education that will give them idea and skills to start a business in agriculture sector.”

Business Consultant Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas at Paradizoo

To teach us about Cattle Reproduction Management, Dr. George Villamil will be conducting a Seminar on Animal Parade and Closing Ceremony to share instructions and demonstrations on how to breed cattle. For Best Practices in Agriculture there will be briefings, discussions on farming, planting, breeding programs and exhibit farm produce, sale and auction of livestock. Free training on Banik’s, Jam and Juice Making will also be open for everyone.

Paradizoo applies the Best Practices in agriculture especially in farming like vermiculture, bokashi soil, hydrophonics and putting up compost pits. They also observe Balance Ecosystem by maintaining a natural habitat among animals and plants. Here you will learn more about agriculture, different farm animals and products you may produce.

One of the currently favorite attractions in Paradizoo is Farm Frenzy, an area where guests can cuddle and buy some animals such as rabbits, hamsters and love-birds. They also have a collection of Dorper sheep, Boer, Kalahari and Saanen dairy goats, Rusa and turkeys from Australia which are also available for sale. In Plant Me Home area, guests may also select and pick vegetables and flowers from garden plots to take home. For those who love veggies take a look at their very own Bahay Kubo and identify the 17 vegetables included in the said song. And if you have a very keen eye for beauty or flowers have a glimpse of the Orchidarium and Ecclectic Garden.

You can also try their latest attractions like Camel ride and Zing Ride, a unique air ride that is a combination of zip line and a swing.

To experience this eco-farm journey contact us at 847-0413 / 899-9824 / 09778978877/ 09275899696 or visit

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