I Love You LC Movie Review

No regrets watching the premiere night of  “I Love You, LC!” movie last Saturday, February 23, 2019 at Fisher Mall Cinema 4. The movie is funny, entertaining, informative and “INSPIRATIONAL”. It’s all worth it!

I Love you LC is a story about a girl named Patty Sandoval, portrayed by Jef Gaitan, who I would like to congratulate for an excellent portrayal of her role. She managed to keep me awake the whole time J

The story opened with a scene showing Patty’s parents forcing her to eat…. A LOT. It seems this instilled on her, bad eating habits which led her to her OBESE body. Growing up, being that big does not concern her…. not until he met again his HighSchool Crush, Lloyd!  Lloyd gave her false hopes by dating her purposely for some favors but she accidentally overheard him saying he doesn’t really like her because she’s too FAT!!!

Sad truth !!!

Hurt, Patty embarked on a journey of losing weight through an unconventional weight loss method, that does not require any supplement, surgery nor exercise and without ever feeling hungry. This is called the low carb and intermittent fasting (LCIF) method.  And the story goes on with Patty’s transformation, from being HUGE to SEXY!

The movie successfully met its objective, to further the producers’ advocacy to reach out to overweight individuals to promote a very effective solution called LCIF, in a light and funny way, thru Patty’s journey to wellness. Even the LGBT community would also love this.

Why watch this movie?

ü    It has a good, very realistic, and relatable plot!
ü    It’s informatively entertaining.
ü    You will find inspiration and hope, to look better and feel healthier
ü    This is an advocacy movie, for an #ObeseFreePH

In cinemas by Feb. 27, 2019, Don’t miss it! 

 For more information about LCIF, check their FB page, https://www.facebook.com/groups/lcifph/

The Entire Cast, Director & Producers 

About LCIF (The Original)

Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting (The Original), formerly known as Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting Philippines, is the original LCIF online community in the Philippines! It is still the largest, most interactive and fastest growing online low carb community in the country today!

LCIF Philippines was founded by Dave Aguila, AFP®, a.k.a. The LCIF Coach, on January 07, 2018. It was started for the sole purpose of helping its members become healthier and slimmer through his simplified version of the LCIF WOE (low carb and intermittent fasting way of eating) which he learned over the course of his weight loss journey since September 13, 2013. 

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