Study, Work & Live abroad with Fil-Global Immigration Services

Interested to study, work and live in CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES, AND NEW ZEALAND?  

PROVEN AND TESTED, one of the easiest way to become a permanent resident is via Study Visa Pathway.  And for this, best way is to let Fil-Global immigration services help you!

Awarded as one of the best Education consultant in the Philippines by Paramount Award just last year, Fil-Global Immigration Services Corporation offers university, immigration and visa travel services. Aims to provide a stepping stone to study, work and live abroad (UK, USA, CANADA, DENMARK, AUSTRALIA, NZ, IRELAND, SPAIN, MALTA, DENMARK, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY)

Isn’t it great? 

As International Student, you are allowed to work part-time. After finishing your studies, you may be allowed to work full-time. Your spouse may work full-time and your school aged kids may study for free. What an awesome opportunity to let go…
Interested? Please do come and visit #FGlobalBridge EXPO this APRIL 12!

Participants will be able to attend orientation seminars describing what Fil-Global can do for them. You will also get a chance to meet and learn about the schools and their course offerings directly from the representatives of our school provider partners from abroad! Get up-to-date and relevant information about studying and easy pathways to live in your preferred country! All of these… FOR FREE.

To make sure you have a slot, you may pre-register through our Manila Branch via call or text: +63 2 798 0302, +639 33 821 4100.

Make 2019 the year you make your life your own! Start a new venture that will shape your future. Attend #FGlobalBridge EXPO 2019: STUDY, WORK, LIVE ABROAD! FUTURE PROOF YOURSELF! MAKE THAT LIFE CHANGING CHOICE!

With Fil-Global, you are #OneStepCloser to your dream!

 #FGlobalBridgeEXPO #ChooseFGISC #FutureProofYourself

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