Asia Leaders Forum Presents Elevate Philippines: Millionaires Mindset 2

September 14, 2019 at Manila Room, Makati. Shangri-La Hotel from 10AM to 2:30PM, Five World Class Speakers will be in one roof to empower, inspire, motivate and elevate the mindset to achieve peace and success not just in business but also in life. 

This Saturday, Local and International “SUCCESS SPEAKERS” will push boundaries and storm Manila to give you a once in a lifetime chance to rise to the next level.

- [x] Riza Santos (Miss World Canada, Miss Universe Canada, PBB Finalist)
- [x] Fibo Lim (Life & Wealth Coach, Author of Millionaire at 22)
- [x] Maj Custodio (CEO of QuickPro, Life and Wealth Coach)
- [x] Abe Brown (President of Certified Coaches Federation, International Best-Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur)
- [x] Arnold Anog (Success & Wealth Coach)

Truth is, everyone is capable of doing great things, but some of us choose not to because deep within...

- [x] We fear mistakes and rejections so we settle for less and stopped trying new things.
- [x] We want to improve our health, but it's not working out for us.
- [x] We struggle with relationships because we think it's impossible to fix what's already broken.
- [x] We have hit the financial ceiling and want to breakthrough.
- [x] We worry about getting broke so you stay in our job even when it's suffocating.
- [x] We LOST your purpose and motivation because we felt that what we do will never be enough.

According to Coach Abe, “We want you to know that we get you. Trying to balance life with work makes things hard to reach our goals. But what if we can change that? What if, today, we CAN not just REACH our goals but also ELEVATE it? Will we choose to transform your relational, personal, professional, and business life? Or will we just choose to stay stuck? We have the power to choose a better life.”

The Manila Times Business Writer, Engr. Grace Bondad Nicolas is one of the moderators together with Philippine Retirement Authority Executive Scarlet Sky Lachica.

Asia Leaders Forum is a series of talks and seminars to promote the Philippines as the premier business hub and destination in Asia advocating information dissemination.

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