Hotel Sogo adopts Covid-19 medical frontliners!

Covid-19 Pandemic is so real!!  We were forced to stay at home since last month (March, 2020) to control or at least lessen the outbreak. Hospitals are full with Covid-19 patients, Doctors and nurses are at high-risk of getting infected. There’s no public transportation available, special service arrangements must be provided and not all hospitals has the resources. Some hospitals even asked their medical personnel to stay in the hospital instead of going back and forth to and from their houses.

With this challenge, Hotel Sogo stepped in. To give these medical personnel a safe place to stay in, near the hospitals they are working, Hotel Sogo has recently allocated 857 free rooms to healthcare workers, which cost about Php60-million in coordination with 11 hospital directors and various City Mayors.

Hotel Sogo stands true with its tagline, “So Clean, So Good,” even under this pandemic.  The hotels placed hand sanitizers at all access points, and social distancing  is also implemented. All hotel staff use improvised Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their safety. The management remains vigilant in improving its cleaning and sanitation protocols for the safety of the staff and frontliners as well. 

Ms. Sue Geminiano, Marketing Manager of Hotel Sogo was quoted saying:

“ We don’t want our health workers to just sleep in the hospital corridors after long shifts , as they have nowhere else  to go. We want them to have a safe and nice place to stay, that’s why we are offering our hotels for them. Frontliners have shown selfless commitment and risk their lives every day, they deserve more than this.”
This initiative by Hotel Sogo is very much appreciated by our frontliners. In a recent ANC interview with Dr. Oscar Tinio, Comission on Legislation Chair of Philippine Medical Association (PMA), he expresses their gratitude towards this accommodation by Hotel Sogo. This also paved the way for other lodging establishments to open their doors to medical frontliners as well.

It’s a BIG help. Indeed…..  

We can go back to our normal lives soonest if only we will all cooperate! Thank you Hotel Sogo for accommodating our frontliner health workers, for being a part of this fight against #Covid19. We will heal as one!

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