PH to welcome a new digital business player in the market very soon!

Businesses are going digital.  This is the way of living now, a part of the #newnormal with or without the pandemic Covid-19.  Access to services has become a one-click trend!

Philippines is about to welcome another digital player in the market today, first established in Melbourne, Australia, the Smart Asset Managers.

Smart Asset Managers

What is Smart Asset Managers?

Smart Asset Managers or SAM in short, is a global digital and conventional business development company that capitalizes on e-commerce on an economy sharing model, currently operating in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Founded by Rommel Santos, a Philippine-born New Zealander based in Australia entrepreneur, SAM will operate in the country with an initial of at least a million US dollar investment from the $10-million digital expansion project.

Mr. Rommel Santos, Founder of "SAM"

How does SAM operates?

Smart Asset Managers as the name implies is somewhat comparable to Asset Managers. It gets funds from subscribers to support promising businesses and entrepreneurs who lacks the capital. It also ventures into own conventional and timely businesses along side.

It shares the opportunity to earn to common people who has a “free money” to grow.  SAM invites subscribers with a minimum subscription of $300USD, there is a potential reward of monthly incentives of up to 15% of one’s subscription.
To get a deeper understanding of SAM, watch this video

Is SAM Legit?

Yes, SAM is legit. It is registered as a general business company in Melbourne Australia and its  digital technologies is in digital and conventional business developments, operating under a safe and secure Blockchain . Earlier this year, SAM opened its market and community in Malaysia and Indonesia.

SAM is on the process of getting the majority shares of the Indonesian company KinerjaPay, a digital payment solutions in brick-and-mortar businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions -- to promote the growth of e-Commerce and marketplace in the internet by providing users and merchants with safe and secure shopping experience online. It is  a publicly listed company in New York Stock Exchange.

SAM’s founder visualizes this model to be very enticing to the Filipino people, as a matter of fact, we are statistics leaders when it comes to online presence in the web, be it about business or socials. According to Mr. Santos, We felt that it is timely for us to make the conclusive move to start expanding in Manila and the rest of major cities---especially seeing how Fintech is slowly becoming more inclusive and intentional in recent years.”

With SAM’s entry into the country, Santos expressed optimism that he could bring in positive financial changes into the lives of ordinary Filipinos. “They only have to subscribe to SAM and see for themselves how their subscribed amount earns incentive even if they are sleeping,” Santos explained.

Though yet to be launch in Manila soon, SAM app is already available for download from the Google Play  or Apple store. Check it out!

Now a days, you don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you have $300 to spare, why not put it on SAM… consider SAM as one of your baskets!  Let SAM grow your money. SAM is a Smart Asset Manager indeed. 

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