Tanduay Rums Bag Ultimate Spirits Challenge Award in the US

To be able to produce a product worth our tastebuds, requires careful and meticulous processing. It is not enough to be standard, it has to be above the set standards. This is the very reason why they are the No.1 Rhum brand in the Philippines and globally. Tanduay has been dominating spirits competitions and awards in the recent years.

Most recently, three of its products again gained recognition, this time from the prestigious Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

The Tanduay Double 16 Years Old Aged Rum was a finalist for the rum category, receiving a rating of 94 and was adjudged excellent and highly recommended. Tanduay Asian Rum Gold, meanwhile, received a 92 rating and was also adjudged excellent and highly recommended. With a rating of 88, Tanduay Silver Asian received a strong recommendation and was deemed very good.

Tanduay's secret? 

“Tanduay has always been committed to creating the best rum possible. From the sugarcanes we use to our distillation process, we make sure that each product that comes out of our plants have gone through our stringent quality checks,” said Tanduay SVP for Sales and Marketing Paul Lim.

 HowTanduay’s Award-Winning Rhums are Made

 It’s Starts with the Quality of the Sugarcane. Tanduay sources its sugarcanes from Victorias, Negros Occidental, where planting begins just as the rainy season is about to start and harvesting done by summer of the following year.

 The canes would then find their way to Tanduay’s sugar mill, where they are carefully cleaned, stripped off their leaves, cut, and refined. From these canes will come the molasses, the key ingredient to making rum.

 “At Tanduay, we only use first-syrup molasses, which are extracted from the initial boil of the sugarcanes. It contains a high sugar content, and is valued for its unique taste,” Lim said.

 The molasses is then fermented for 12 hours. This process turns the sugars into alcohol, creating a ferment prime for distillation.

 Distilled and Blended to Perfection

 Tanduay’s distillation plants are located in Negros Occidental, Misamis Oriental, and Laguna, and they keep the tradition of Tanduay’s original distillery in Manila, which has already been decommissioned.

 The country’s humidity and these distilleries’ high elevation contribute to Tanduay rum’s distinct flavors and aromas. It is in these distilleries where the molasses is turned into a clear liquid—ethanol.


“Our skilled blenders would then take over. We owe much to them for creating the Tanduay flavors that the world has come to love,” Lim said.

The liquids are stored in Kentucky bourbon oak barrels, where they will be aged.


“Tanduay uses two aging processes. In the single-barrel method, rums mature in individual barrels for a set amount of time. The solera aging process, meanwhile, channels the rums through a series of Kentucky bourbon barrels that are never empty, which helps create and sustain the flavors contained there for generations,” Lim said.

 Tanduay’s Master Blender, who is the guardian of Tanduay’s formulas, will then check the rum for consistency and quality. Once the Master Blender gives the go signal, the rums are sent for bottling and packaging.


“Creating a Tanduay product requires hard work and dedication, so we are deeply honored every time we would receive an award. Most of all, we are thankful for the loyal patronage of Tanduay consumers who now comprise not only our fellow Filipinos but people from other countries as well,” Lim said.


This June, Tanduay was declared once again the world’s best-selling rum by Drinks International. Early this year, Tanduay won five medals from the Beverage Testing Institute. Tanduay Asian Rum Gold topped the list with a gold medal. Silver medals, meanwhile, were awarded to Tanduay Asian Rum Silver and Boracay Cappuccino Flavored Rum. Tanduay Double Rum and Boracay Coconut Flavored Rum both received bronze medals.

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