Hyun Bin Philippine Fan’s Virtual Birthday Celebration levels up Fangirling experience

 NEW NORMAL Fangirling is done differently in all parts of the world.  Here in the Philippines, multiple HYUN BIN Fangirling social media pages rose, since the success of the Kdrama Crash Landing On You (CLOY). A Fan Community is lead by an Events Company, Manila Preneur Corp.

 The Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club (HBPFC) has multiple content, being the First of most things, having it’s own website, fan merchandise,  fan live broadcast, featured clips for documentary, gift sending to Hyun Bin in Korea, creation of the exclusive fanzine, and the most awaited is their birthday celebration for their Oppa Idol, Hyun Bin.

“I want Hyun-Bin’s Birthday Month to be a campaign, not just an event”, shared by the Fan Club Director, Cherry Saculo-Genato. As a solid fan, she has organized the fan club no different from her popular events and festivals.

“I am a Filipino creative, I support projects that showcase Filipino Pride.  By profession, I organize different events; one is the Manila Beer Fest, participated by 80 Local Craft Brewers. I was sure that making a Customized Craft Beer by the 4th largest Brewery (Boondocks Brewing) in the Philippines, as a gift for Hyun Bin was an idea that is hard to beat. I thought that if the gift is unique, Filipino Fans would stand out, that is why I tirelessly think of ways where we can be exceptional.”

She added, “ Creating a Craft Beer for Hyun Bin is a work of Art, from carefully selecting the ingredients, taste testing, designing the packaging and up to all the way how videos are directed. Hyun Bin Beer is my gift to the Filipino fans and the Fan’s Gift to our one and only Hyun Bin.  


The Hyun Bin Beer is the highlight of the Birthday Virtual Party on Sept 25,

8pm  PH time, streamed live at the FB page of Manila Preneur Corp.  Audience may also expect a complete Birthday celebration where they can watch panel of fans for games, cake blowing of a grand customized cake by Maria’s Cake, AVP presentation, gift giving and Toast wishes from VIPs and celebrity guests.


The HBPFC’s overflowing love for their IDOL, has taken their Fangirling into an innovative expression of their admiration to HYIN BIN thru many other ways such as: Charity Event last Sept 19, at SILUNGAN NG PAG-ASA (Shelter for Cancer Children Patients).


Manila Preneur Corp., commissioned internationally recognized multi-media artist, Clint Catalan to Make HBPFC’s Filipino – inspired custom hand painted shoe (and box included) dedicated to his character Captain Ri in Crash Landing On You


And very soon the HBPFC will share it’s Fanzine, a magazine for the fans, which has the same content as to what was given to Hyun Bin as gift for his Birthday, a proof of the club’s milestones.


“Fangirling is not just an obsession to an idol, we formed our group based on our common admiration to Hyun Bin and it has taken us to meet people form different walks of life, we are continuously inspired and we choose to be high-spirited especially this challenging times of our lives.” --- Cherry S. Genato, Hyun Bin Philippine Fan Club/ Manila Preneur Corp.  September 20, 2020. 

Get to know about the Hyun Bin Fangirling at
www.hyunbinph.com and Manila Preneur Corp.


RSVP for the Virtual Party : (serves as raffle entry as well)






VIDEO 1 (Making of Beer) : https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=319100825841972
VIDEO 2 (Reveal of Beer) : Reveal the Hyun Bin Beer

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