Need a fair ride? Try OWTO!

Trying to live a normal life with the Covid-19 still on the picture, we all should be in charge of our own safety.  Malls re-opened already, commercial establishments are back into business,  we are in the streets again, finding “safe” ways to go to work and back home.

A new addition to the options we have now for a safer ride is OWTO  a TNVS by an all-FILIPINO group. After all, only a Filipino can understand a Filipino. J

OWTO values rider comfort and safety, and
rates are definitely lower than what we are used to. Try it! Download OWTO from Google Play and Apple App store.

Visit their website for more details.

By the way, the Facebook page of OWTO is currently unavailable. Considering that this avenue is a great help for the service provider and to the riding public as well,  OWTOph is seeking help from the public to appeal from Facebook to restore their page. Facebook has always been the number one platform of events sharing and communication and this is vital and beneficial to both ends. It will be a great help if OWTOphl will be restored soonest.

Ride safe and Fair everyone! :)   


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